We had a great weekend.
We were here:In all this green:
With these sweet friends, in their amazing “cabin” (Dave and I renamed it the “lodge” because sorry, it just doesn’t seem like a cabin! It’s SO nice.):
Riding through the mountains on this:
Helping to build this:
Nothing like letting kids go for it with nails and hammers. I wish they could do this in our back yard here every day.(I think the dads got into the building even more than the kids.)
With faces that looked like this:
Dealing with a lot of this:Trying to restrain ourselves from pinching or kissing off these: (cheeks)

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  1. Looks like you guys are always doing something fun together!! I am really bummed I can’t make it down there on Oct. 2 for your class… I was really looking forward to meeting you. Let me know when the next one like that is so I can make plans 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness Shawni I have just gone back through your past few posts and they are ADORABLE. I love the little carriage pictures and the photo shoot fo your girls. I know that fun “green place” near recker and ray, i just don’t make it up there too often anymore. The “Red Carpet” birthday looked like a huge success. How do you have time to fit it all in?? And then go on a great weekend get-a-way??

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