Let me go ahead and spell out a perfect weekend.

Because that’s what we had last weekend.

First, have your daughter go to her “bike rodeo” at pre-k a couple weeks before. Let the fact that other kids in her class don’t have training wheels work it’s magic on her and make her dream of taking those babies off.

Take them off, and help her a few times. Then watch her sheer determination take care of the rest…even after she falls down a bazillion times.On the sidelines, watch your 10-year-old daughter turn into a teenager before your eyes hanging out with her friend and “friend who is a boy.” Oh wait, that’s not a highlight! I hate that my baby girl is growing up so darn fast. But she sure is fun.

Then go watch your daughter play her heat out in a tennis tournament. Have the weather be completely perfect to compliment the enjoyment of tennis-watching.
Our friends the Tanners were in town for their spring break (it was SO fun to see you guys), and this other gal is from Elle’s tennis class.
Of course we had to bring the bike along so Claire could keep up on her new skills…
Grace got to hang with her great little friends.
Then have your awesome brother come to town for a couple days (en route to moving with his whole family to New Zealand) and watch your son hang with some of the only “brothers” he will ever have (his uncles…they make me cry they are so good to him).
Head to the park on a gorgeous Sunday evening.
…along with the newest member of your family (the Dora doll your brother brought for your Dora-addicted daughter).

And to top it all off, go out to dinner with two different groups of best friends.

It just can’t get much better than that…

…except maybe for conference weekend this coming weekend…can’t wait.

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  1. I loved this post..your kids are so cute and the fact that there are flowers, green grass, and green tress…wow i’m so jealous…check my post from a few days ago and you will see why I am amazed at the green…
    you guys are in my prayers and please give my little lu a hug!!
    i think i need to come visit….

  2. Shawni, I just picked your book up today. So cute…can’t wait to learn all the “secrets”! Ryan and I just had #8 and I can use all the help I can get. 🙂 Also…I love reading about your Lucy (we have a Lucy of our own). So many of your thoughts take me back to when Hunter was diagnosed. Your family is so beautiful!

    Love, Candice Nelson

  3. Wow, I LOVE that look on Claire’s face on that first photo. All the others capture such beautiful light and beautiful souls! Looks pretty darn perfect! So fun to see Jonah there with ya’ll. He was so excited when he bought that doll for Lucy. Looks like it was a hit!

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