I took my girls to the doctor again today. Because, well, I just love that place.

Love to sit in the waiting room and keep them happy for ages.

Love to then go sit in the exam room and wait again while they pull all the paper off the exam table and Lucy tries to get up on the swivel chair and falls off a few times, lets out a few high pitched screams as she and Claire have a tug-o-war over the book they both want to read as I try to distract them by showing them the two posters on the wall about germs and the upper respiratory system that we all have memorized by now…you moms know the routine.

And I just didn’t get my fill of doctor’s offices in the last couple weeks…I mean, all we did was get a mole removed from Max’s back and get a serious workout while trying to hold Lucy down to get a kidney ultrasound to the tune of her blood curdling scream. (I think I need to take all those ladies in that office a plate of cookies for putting up with that one.)

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I just wanted to give a current weight report:

Claire (almost 5): 38 pounds
Lucy (barely 2): 40 pounds

Yep. Claire better be nice to her little sister…because she’s not really “little” anymore.

On another note…thanks to everyone who came to my class today. I love meeting all these great photographers through those classes.

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  1. My brothers and I all had to get shots once and we SCREAMED and SCREAMED and SCREAMED. My mom was so embarrassed. A few days later she took the doctor a pound of See’s candy!

  2. The class was sooo much fun and I learned a lot. Mostly, I learned that I am officially ready for an SLR if I am trying to get all tricky with my little buddy point-n-shoot. I know I don’t have that great of stuff but I am trying.

    Also, if you remember, my Caroline is Claire’s age and Molly’s Brynley is Lucy’s age. The weight reports are about the same – Bryn could do a sumo take-down on Caroline. we love to weigh them together just to laugh at the irony of the numbers!

  3. That doctor’s visit sounds very familiar. Love the weight comparisons. Daniel is 3+ and only about 27 lbs. Emily was 27 pounds at a year. It is fun to compare.

  4. Love the weight report! My little guy is 4 and he’s been the same weight since he was 2!

    I wish I was local and I would have SO been at your workshop.

    Hope your holiday season is full of healthy children and magical moments.

  5. Shawni, what are wall flowers from bath and body? They sound heavenly, and now I want some! Wish you lived closer, too. Then I would hire you to make me beautiful! And of course, my little girls would LOVE your girls.

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