Dear future posterity,

There will come a point when you read this account of our life here in the desert when you will wonder, “why do we rarely hear about my great-great-great grandpa?” {my husband}. And here’s your answer: The subject of my dear husband is kind of off limits here on this blog because I’ll be in the doghouse if I blab on about him.

But aside from getting a haircut (see this post) I must write down a few things he’s been up to lately.

Especially since at least one of those things is such a worthy cause.

To start with, every year he goes on a ski trip with his college friends. I told him to take lots of pictures so I could feel like I was there with him.

This is what I got:
Hey, I’m not complaining but apparently he really didn’t want me to feel like I was there with him too much πŸ™‚

I guess when you’re me and your skiing it’s all you can do to ski when you know there’s a camera in your pocket and there’s that beautiful light and you notice the way the bright jackets look against the white snow flying up around the skiers and how it looks against the deep green pine trees laden with snow in the background. I’d much rather be a ski photographer than an actual skier. It is so gorgeous up there.

But when you’re Dave, it’s all you can do to pause from searching out the most beautiful powder to have to take out that pesky iPhone and capture a moment here or there for your wife.

I get it.

But I’m glad that he comes back from that trip each year, captured in pictures or not, rejuvenated and happy as can be for all the late-night discussions to catch up with good friends and serious skiing going on.

The weekend after that was the first annual Phoenix Marathon.

I had some really cool images in here, but they were somehow encrypted so I had to take them out.

So I’ll just say it was pretty cool because the whole marathon was to benefit a charity organization called “Brain Food.”

(Click here for more information about what it does…I’m so impressed that it’s run and operated completely by volunteers, and it’s doing so much good!)

(For more about how the Phoenix Marathon and Brainfood are connected click here.)

Dave was one of the head-honchos in charge at the starting line. I wish I could have been there to see the whole thing because the marathon started in the middle of saguaro cactus land North of where we live. If I were a runner (which unfortunately I’m not) I envision that would be a gorgeous place to start a marathon. I’m envisioning that the runners saw the sun rising up on those cacti kind of like this:

…and it’s enough to make me want to start running πŸ™‚

Dave got to be in this cool contraption with the guys who were filming.
So he pulled out his own camera and videoed along with them:

Pretty amazing event. If you are a runner go sign up for next year here. It’s a pretty great way to get that running and service in at the same time.

Other than that, Dave’s been competing in a few surfing competitions on the side:

Ok, so I’m kidding about the surfing part.

But seriously, doesn’t that look so much like Dave?

So, future posterity, there’s what your great-great-grandpa has been up to.

He’s quite a guy.

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  1. That surfing dude totally looks like your husband! I was wondering why you have never mentioned your family going surfing before! haha so funny. LOVE your blog.

  2. the surfing bit was great! i wouldn't really be surprised… that dave.

    i don't know why but your posts aren't showing up in my reader anymore – bizarre!

    miss you. love you.

  3. My husband is the race director for this marathon. I was so excited to see the Phoenix marathon tee shirts your husband has been wearing.

    My son was born with a medical condition and it has given me comfort to see someone else going through something similar with such faith and hope.

    When I saw the posts about Utah Valley and Phoenix marathon I was so excited, and told my husband he defiantly made the right choice getting involved with the Phoenix Marathon. Anyway thanks for sharing.

  4. Bahhhh! The surfing part cracked me up.

    Your posts are not showing up on my google reader anymore- I saw Charity wrote that too, so I wonder if there are others who aren't getting them either- just a heads up!

  5. lol..i so get it. My husband isnt a fan of being higlighted on my blog, neither is my son…so t looks like it's just me and my 4 girls :-)…
    p.s that surfing pic really looked like Dave

  6. Love this post Shawni! I just started blogging a few months ago and I'm in the same boat with Gregg. For someone who has to be so social (for work), he's actually a really a private person. I do have to post something about him now again. Like you said….for posterity sake. Congratulations on Saturday. What a beautiful, amazing day!

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