…according to my iPhone.

Junior High orientation:

Saying goodbye to a cousin leaving on a mission to Brazil for two years:

(We’ll sure miss that Paxton!)

Volleyball camps:

Serious Costco load-up-ing after being gone so long getting ready for school and school lunches, etc.:

Back-to-school shopping dates with each of my kids:

(Which was weird because we usually don’t have that luxury since we usually try to stay at Bear Lake until the very last moment.  This year we had to come back earlier for house-building stuff.  There are some pros to that: pretty fun quality time with the kids one-on-one…and watching them be oh so wise with their money since they have to pay for half of their clothes on their own.  More on that later because boy oh boy I’m in love with that little aspect of our money system.)

The nicest package/gifts from my British friend:

She is always so good to us when she comes to town as an attendant on her British Airway flights.

Groceries not complete ’til this thing is added:

Finding out new teachers for this year:

 (My friend took these two…thanks Ashby!

I love how excited Lucy is in this one.

 In contrast, it looks like I’m a little on the confused side…

 These two pairs of friends got different teachers this year, but everyone is still happy.

Meet-the-teacher night:

These two decided they’d be twins.

And I kind of lamented the fact that I only have TWO in elementary school right now.

It seems like just yesterday all four of my girls were in elementary school together.  Did I already mention that?  Well, if I did, I’m still sad. 🙁

A trip to the temple with these cute newly eligible twelve-year-olds:

Back-to-school fashion shows trying to figure out what to wear on the first day…

We also did a whole big whiz-bang closet/cabinet clean-out and I did take pictures.

Pictures of my kitchen piled high with all the JUNK we pulled out and threw away and sorted through. Wow.  But for the life of me I cannot find those pictures.  So just imagine them.

They were bad.

Nothing feels quite like opening an organized drawer or freshly-sorted through closet.  It was one of my favorite things of summer.

Now they are cluttered again, but it sure felt good while it lasted!

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  1. Love the back to school dates and the twin outfits! With the 'pay for 1/2 of your kids' clothes money system,' do you match the amount that they spend (They buy $100 worth of clothes so you do the same) or do you set an amount? I only have a 6-month-old, so have lots of time to sit on this system and figure out how we can make it work for us 🙂

  2. Such a fun set of photos…I can't imagine how busy you must be as a mom of 5! I just have three and feel so overwhelmed at times.

    Love the pics of the girls looking through the window at their school to find their teacher's name. So exciting for them I'm sure.


  3. Love that they pay for half of their clothes! I remember reading the post where you explained some of that! So wise!

    I spied the Welch's fruit snacks! it is a MUST BUY at Costco for us…when we are not on a sugar fast 🙁

  4. oh my heart did a little jump when I saw that Mcvities biscuit tin!!!
    I miss home!!!

    I love the shirt you are wearing on the temple trip where is it from?
    and how much do you spend on groceries a month? do you meal plan at all?

    glad you are back 😉

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