That is what we were asking ourselves when we were given advice to have one of those puppies.

I mean, we were launching our long-worked-for “In the Arena” podcast, and there should be some sort of commemoration that this was actually happening.

So we did some research and got some more advice and voila, we decided to do it:

An online gathering of anyone who would want to “come” to the party (through the screen), get to ask questions, get to know us a little better, be kind of on the “insider information” track. Ha!

We launched (made available) our first three episodes early in the week, and then we had our “podcast launch party” when we were all up in Utah (since we knew in advance I would be there for Claire’s volleyball games).

Apparently not everyone knows what this is (even my social-media-savvy daughters thought it might be an in-person deal), but it was pretty fun to be there and have that screen fill up with faces of people we sure wished we could be in person with!

This is how we set it up at my parent’s house:

And this is how we felt about it:

Ha, I totally kid about that because I was personally so far out of my comfort zone…I was a little mortified.

But it really was fun to learn and celebrate.

We felt so happy with it all, except for the fact that we didn’t think to stay on a little longer at the end and tell any “attendees” who wanted to stay to unmute themselves at the end and get to really talk.

We were kicking ourselves for a while about that!

But you sure live and learn, right?

Of course, in true Eyre fashion we had to do a little hike when we were done:

And just felt glad for that time to be together.

…creating something new.

If you haven’t listened to the podcasts yet, you can find them on any podcast app.

Just type in “In the Arena with The Eyre Sisters” and we should pop up.

There’s a new episode that just went live yesterday called “citizens of the world.”

I know, kind of a weird name, but go check it out to see what you think.

Sending love on out on a Wednesday!


A little more about the podcast:

Why we are creating a podcast

The mechanics of starting a podcast

Throwback sister togetherness

Instagram for IN THE ARENA

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  1. I love the podcast, my boys are 8 and younger but we did speeches at dinner this week and it’s added such a fun twist to family dinner.

  2. What a joy it has been to see you four wonderful women working together on this. How can we be so lucky to call you ours! Absolutely adore the podcast. Your parents love this for so many reasons. What a precious gem!

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