Dave told an interesting story in his talk at church a couple weeks ago. He talked about how one day, riding the tandem bike with Lucy to school (back when her school was close enough to ride a bike), he was in a hurry.

He had things to get back to, things to do.

And Lucy asked him, in her genuinely concerned voice “What is the important thing you are trying to get back for?” (she really is SO conscientious and sweet about asking what people are up to and what they’re worried about).

And right then and there Dave stopped and wondered: what was more important than having that quality time with his daughter he would never get back?

Oh, sure, we can’t spend every waking moment gazing at our children and willing them not to grow up (although sometimes I try!!), but we sure can appreciate these snippets of moments before they vanish, memories blowing away in the swell of the passing time.

Which makes me wonder: what is “so important” that it distracts me so much from what’s actually most important? Am I getting my balance all wrong?

It was a good reminder to me to re-evaluate Lucy’s question: “what is the important thing?”

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