I sweet-talked my sister-in-law into coming with me to the city to scour fabric stores for the perfect fabric and lace for Elle’s wedding dress. Ok, I didn’t have to sweet-talk her, because she’s the BEST and was happy to help.

Which is even nicer than you think because she was much more wise than me and knew it would take a lot longer than the couple hours I had in mind.

You see, back when Elle was home for Christmas and tried on every wedding dress known to man (back HERE), we were at the end of our rope. She was set to leave for Hawaii the next day and we had nothing.


The only dress she loved was a pink one we had found at “Last Chance” a couple years before that she had talked me into buying for a dance dress for Grace because she thought it was so pretty. And a couple years later Grace had never worn it, but Elle was STILL thinking it was the prettiest dress ever (it’s the one I wore to my friend’s Eid celebration she invited me to back HERE, and put a picture of if you scroll down back HERE). When Elle started looking up ideas as to how to bleach a pink dress to make it white, (HA!) an idea popped into my mind about a seamstress a friend had mentioned a while back who could work miracles with her sewing machine.

We called her and she said we could come over and talk it through and voila! It was a go. She could do it. And we were excited.

In the back of my mind I knew that was only a fraction of the battle. The big dealio would be finding the right fabric with which to make our copy. But I sent off Elle back to her little island and life went on and we both crossed our fingers that it would all work out as beautifully as we hoped.

So fast forward a few weeks when I needed to track down that fabric. Then my sister-in-law came into play and we headed out on our fabric-finding adventure.

We were jumping from store to store all day long, with a quick stop at Chick-fil-A because we were starving to death and about to fall over in the middle.

And let me tell you this: it is not an easy thing to pick fabric for a wedding dress for someone who is standing right there beside you let alone across the ocean in a three-hour different time zone.


But here is a little glimpse into how that day went with all the pictures and FaceTime we sent back and forth:

Ya, it was quite a day.

But guess what?? I THINK WE GOT IT!

And it is going to be gorgeous.

Cross your fingers with me will you?

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  1. What beautiful lace! I sew and have done wedding dresses. It is quite an undertaking. My daughters aren’t quite old enough for wedding dresses yet, but I imagine I’ll be in your shoes in the future. You are showing your love to Elle with your patience and deep interest in pleasing her. She’ll have a great wedding dress story to tell and you will be the star!

  2. Wow! How fun to create a custom dress from something you already know you love. Another option would be for her to wear that pretty pink dress she likes so much. With some beautiful flowers in her hair etc I could see it being an amazing wedding dress!

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