The summer semester ended for Grace and for Claire.

Grace’s ended earlier than Claire’s, and she’s been working double shifts up there, sometimes with fun visitors:

(Mini cousins Moses and Gabe.)

Also reunions with dear mission friends and fun adventures with new friends:

Claire’s semester ended with a bang, trying to balance so many things with volleyball at one college and summer school at another…and a social life that would overwhelm the best of them.

I think we would all whole-heartedly recommend BYU summer school. They accept pretty much everyone and it’s such a great way to have a dorm experience and meet so many new people from all over the place. Elle did it too, and adored it just as much. (Max missed it because of volleyball nationals and Grace missed it because she was in China.)

She even got to go to lunch with her “family” from her adventure in the Netherlands last summer:

That last night was a doozy though, I tell you, trying to get a final exam done, one last paper written, and move out of her dorm room by midnight:

This was her trying to put on a smile after that pretty crazy night when she had finally finished it all…

…not feeling at all well and woke up the next morning to check into urgent care and find out she had an infected tonsil.


She is sure learning lots of resilience this summer I tell you!

She’s done with the semester and learned so much, and her volleyball team got all their new “sponsored” clothes which I think was a pretty fun day:

Getting ready for the season to start!

Max and Abby are doing well, working away.

Max works doing computer coding, and sure loves that job. (They love him too.) Abby works for Roe Wellness, and she’s sure learning a lot there too!

This last week they have gone from the pic on the left below to the one on the right:

(A brand new roommate….as you can see, we’ve all joined “BeReal” to keep up with each other which is pretty fun.)

Actually two of them…and you can tell how excited Max is about that prospect by his face up there on the left.


They really are so nice and accommodating for those sisters of theirs.

And really, it’s just for a week before they can move into their new places up in Provo, but we’re so grateful!

Also so grateful for all that slew of cousins up there, some of whom already have BABIES they get to snuggle.

Elle and Carson are plugging away as well, Carson is pretty diligent with all his medical classes, and Elle does freelance graphic design and is liking working with a few companies she really loves.

She just did a little promotion to help raise money for fighting blindness which was so sweet.

She had her birthday last week, of course complete with her traditional cake float:

And then those two took off for Costa Rica to celebrate Carson’s little break after PASSING HIS BIG BOARDS TEST he studied his guts out for all summer. WOOHOO Carson!!!

Loved this little FaceTime call with them a couple weeks ago…ha!

(That’s Lucy’s hair that looks red in that picture while she’s trying to do her homework with her lamp.)

So grateful for technology when we all live so far away.

And there we go, a short little update on what those young adults of ours are up to.

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  1. I know this is a late comment but I was wondering if you could tell me if going to BYU summer semester is different than summer school? If someone isn’t accepted through the regular application to start summer semester, can they just sign up for summer school? I haven’t heard of this before. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Yes, you can sign up late, and it’s such a great opportunity for kids to ease into college life at a slower pace. Claire and Elle both loved it so much!

    2. It’s just the college summer semester, so they take credits toward their GE requirements or even their major. Hope that makes sense?

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