First of all, thank you for all the suggestions as to how to tweak this new blog format. We still have lots to do to make it more user-friendly. Thank you for your patience and encouragement! And second of all, let’s talk about what we did when our big girls came home for Easter.

We were all pretty excited to have them here, but I’m pretty sure no one was more pumped than this little sister:

They were only here for a few days, but man alive, we sure packed it in!

The parents walloped their girls on the pickleball court:


the Easter pageant

I’m not really much of a pageant person, but I did love being nestled in that gigantic crowd with my girls listening to beautiful music and thinking about Jesus.

Hmmm…maybe I am a pageant person after all.

Yow, look at this crowd!

The Foundation for Blind Children Egg Beeping hunt

This is the second year we’ve been able to join in at the Foundation for Blind Children annual Easter egg hunt.

Love that Aunt Carol Lynn (Dave’s sister) was in town for Easter and that she was able to join us.

This organization does SO much good for kids with visual impairments. Lucy just got accepted to one of their summer programs that we are pretty over-the-moon excited about. I’ll be doing a post about that soon.

They had all kinds of cool service animals. George the parrot was our favorite:

A little debate about whether cotton candy is candy:

You see, the girls and I are all in a little deal that we won’t eat candy for all of 2023, and Claire was just sure that cotton candy wouldn’t count. Of course, she lost out on the debate since “candy” is actually part of the name, but it was a pretty entertaining debate:)

See all those Easter eggs behind us below?

They are “beeping eggs” (although it sounds more like buzzing to me) so that kids with visual impairments can find them.

Kind of cool.

We took Carol Lynn to breakfast and then I LOVED the book reading conversation that ensued between her and Lucy after we got home.

I mentioned in the last post that we had some fun with confetti eggs:

And also pool time for these girls who live in six feet of snow right now!

Best sister walks:

Game night

A game night with a few other families who had college kids at home:

Lucy was the master of ceremonies, and we played the “Name Game” first…

…followed by “One and Done” (scroll to get to instructions for that one at the end):

The pre-game decision for the consequence for the loser was to have everyone else make a concoction of something from the fridge that they would have to eat/drink.

We had some fun with that one!

Natalie didn’t have so much fun though…

Ha! But she was such a great sport!

The Lake

We felt so lucky to immerse ourselves in the midst of the desert “super-bloom” and hit the lake.

None of us were too sad about it.

sister “walks”

(this one involved a scooter):


Biking to my favorite breakfast spot

We really pressed our luck with timing cramming this in before these girls headed out, but I personally think it was a great way to spend our last morning together.

Maybe not the all-around best idea to include Bo Jangles in this trek since she got so tired.

Luckily Claire came to the rescue and had no problem just carrying that girl along.

And then, they were gone.

Back off to that winter wonderland that it sounds like is thawing like nobody’s business, ready for the end of the semester that is coming up fast. LOVE YOU girls!!!

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  1. Cool to see Dan was there with George! I used to see him at events with my old therapy dog, glad to see he is still participating with his birds 🙂
    I used to do the confetti eggs with my boys when they were little, they LOVED them! Fun memories!

  2. LOVE the redesign — one suggestion is that having the static banner at the top takes up about a third of the “viewing page” (not sure what the technical term for it is!) so that you can’t see any photos in full. A minor thing but since you are soliciting feedback I thought I would mention it!

    I’ve been reading this blog for well over a decade now (so crazy to think!) and am excited to see it’s next iteration!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, we are definitely working on this, hopefully we’ll have some solutions by next week. Sending lots of love!

      1. Another long time reader here! The blog is looking great. I realize ads are necessary to run the site but with so many ads in the middle of posts, it is harder to see the pictures and read thru the post. can the ads be kept on the side?

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