I would love some input from blog readers today because we’re doing some blog redesigning around here, and I’d love to know what you would like to see more of on this blog. And also maybe what you’d like to see less of!

This blog has helped me in many ways over the years

You see, in the time since this blog began (clear back when Lucy was still in a crib and all my kids were hanging on my legs all day), I have written here multiple posts pretty much every week.

And oh how I have ever loved it!

It has been the best avenue for me to express myself. To have a platform to share what’s in my heart. To share the craziness of life, through toddlers to living for a semester in China to building a house to mustering through tantrums and college applications and sending kids off to new lands and working through all kinds of church questions and working on my marriage, it has been the best to have blog readers along for the ride. I have learned so much from you!

Making friends

This blog has led me to make new fellow friends “in the trenches,” as well as those soaring above them who have all offered me so much buoying and love and good advice.

The connection and bonding that has gone on here in this little space has changed me for the better. My family too! I have met so many people I adore, even those who have only ever written one or two comments and may never even realize that I have carried their wisdom around in my heart over the years. You have changed the way I’ve done things.

“Mean comments”

The pushing and churning comments have led to deep discussions with my family, have helped me dig deeper. Have taught me so much about the hurt as well as the complexities of feelings and worries we have all felt from time to time. (The In the Arena podcast is actually all about those types of comments and “how to build resilience” this week BTW!) I know it sounds funny but I’m so grateful for those comments too! I have learned so much I never would have if left to my small bubble that is familiar.

Raising kids

In the time since this blog began, so much raising kids has happened. Which means I have been in the depths of despair wondering how I can ever make it through, to wanting to sing the beauty of motherhood on the mountaintops.

Blog readers have helped me through it all. Everything from Lucy’s diagnosis to the ups and downs of the other kids. The times when they felt like they could fly to the times when their feet got swiped right out from under them (which means the feet got swiped right out from under their mother too!).

Our family has become better in so many ways because of this space on the internet.

So here’s the deal:

We are making some changes around here

This blog has been largely a “journal” for me for so many years.

I have written the thoughts of my heart as well as chronicling the day-to-day life, thoughts and musings of a young mother. Things that have been largely for myself, but other readers have just happened to hop on board (and I love you for coming along!)

But now that the majority of my kids are adults, I’m ready to shift things up and write more for YOU.

(Of course, I’ll always journal here. That is just part of me and such a great way for our family to remember life.)

So back to my question in the title: What would you like to see more of on this blog? I would LOVE to know!

And also, what brings you here? Why did you come here in the first place? I’d love to get to know you more if you’re willing to share!

Do you have things you specifically like? Do you have things you wish I’d stay away from? Do you want more “little things,” more parenting tips, family economy ideas, gift ideas, religious thoughts, travel, home ideas, real-life vulnerability? I’d just love to get more insight from YOU as blog readers before we jump off into a new blog design most likely happening next week. I want to do what will help fellow moms out the most.

Sending so much love on out to all of you who have made me think and grow and learn and be humbled over the years. So grateful for YOU!

Please share whatever you can to give me some guidance as we make changes, and thank you in advance!


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  1. I was drawn to your blog because of all of the “real-life.” I love reading family updates!
    Also, being a new parent, I definitely enjoy all of your parenting ideas and what has worked for you. And of course, recipes are also always a fav of mine!

    1. I love the variety of different things you write about- from your family economy to life updates to travel posts and everything else 🙂

    2. Hello from Spain ♥️ I don’t know when I discovered the blog but has been “my” site a lot of years. It’s really like having a friends. I love all your incredible acknowledgment about family, raising kids, marriage. I would love to know more about you, your books, how to organize your home, about your children, about a family economy, and all your progress… tips about health, and faith too. But most I would love to give you a great thank you and kiss from Spain.

  2. I was referred to your blog by a family member. I had been reading another ‘mommy blog’ called Dooce and enjoying her writing and then found you. You and Dooce could not be any more different and your content resonated more with my life. I was hooked. I would like to see you just keep doing what you’re doing. However, I know your life has changed with your kids growing up and moving on. I can see why that would be a chance for change for your blog. I will relish reading whatever you do decide on and look forward to whatever you change. Thanks for the years of great content and the amazing spirit you bring with your writing. It has truly made a difference in my life.

    1. I’ve been here since the beginning and you have made the biggest impact on my mothering. I’m eternally grateful for that.
      So now my kids are older I still look to you as an example of goes to navigate these waters of young adult kids, 1 married. So I guess I still love those every day life posts. I love to hear the good fun stuff but I love hearing the harder things too because then you know you are not Alone through it all!

  3. The blog is first and foremost your family record, so in that sense I think you should document what you feel is most important to look back on in 5, 10, 50 years. I know there’s so much to share and only a fraction of life makes it on here, but I would love to hear about navigating the relationships with your adult children. Following your blog for a decade now (!) it almost feels like I know your kids and would love to hear what they’re up to and how they balance work and school/parenthood/socializing as young people, since that’s a big one for us over here right now. Anything about budgeting with young adults and how you budget for your own family would always be a huge help too, as we are trying to find the best solution to help these kids grow up to be financially wise!
    Thank you for any and all you choose to share!

  4. I’ve always enjoyed reading about the raising of your family, as you are a few years ahead of us—our kids range from 17-9. I know that becomes more complicated to share as their stories become more and more their own though. I’m sure that balance can be a challenge, wishing to guard them well!

    While we are Presbyterian, so our beliefs are not completely in sync, I’ve also appreciated the way you diligently instill faith in your children.

  5. Hi Shawni! I’ve been following your blog for over 10 years now! It’s been such a gift to get insight into your world. Little Things are my favorite posts and would love more of those! As well as family travel posts, home ideas and parenting lessons (both from you and those around you like your parents). Thank you!

  6. Shawni I don’t remember how I was introduced to your blog but it has been an inspiration. I love reading it each morning. It helps me get through the day. You share such positive and real life experiences. From parenting, to religion, marriage, growing kids, tantrums, now grandchildren. I just love everything about your blog.

    I am now attending a grandparenting class from your Mom & Dad! Your family is all very knowledgeable, kind, spiritual, and overall just wonderful!

    I have been listening to your podcasts and it is fun to see the traditions each of your siblings are using in each of their families and to see new things you have brought in too. I look forward to your new blog! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I’m not Mormon, but was drawn to your blog because you don’t come across as preachy, just like you genuinely want to share. I enjoy everything you post, from the Ranger Cookies recipe, to posts about your family, and the devotional stuff too. Keep up the great work!

  8. I’ve been following your blog since 2010 when my SIL introduced me. I have four kids from 14-9 so I’m right in the teen/tween years. I will search your blog for tips and ideas on parenting as it is really hard with this age group at the moment. I love your Sunday thoughts. Probably shorter posts are easier to digest but I do come back when I have more time to read the longer ones. Thank you for still caring to share when so many have stopped <3

  9. Hi Shawni, I love how your blog is a glimpse into a life that is so different than my own and how what you share seems like a reflection of what’s on your heart and mind at the moment. I have really been enjoying your posts about parenting adult children. Other topics I think would be interesting: developing relationships with sons and daughters in-law; how you plan for holidays and family events/vacations now that some kids are married and more spread out; plans for after Lucy graduates; more travel posts about all of the trips you go on (especially how you plan or recommendations you have). Looking forward to seeing the new blog design!

  10. I’m not sure how I found this blog, but I’ve been reading it for so long and so often that my husband refers to it as my “other family”!
    It started out of curiosity – our lives seemed so different and it was fascinating to take a peek inside of a big, religious family.
    Over time, you’ve really influenced me! I love how your family has so many traditions and it’s inspired me to come up with some for my own small family. You’ve also helped me evolve some of my thinking on religion and spirituality – I’ve gone from being maybe a close minded areligious person to a bit more open and exploring.
    I also just enjoy the posts that just simply blow my mind, like the logistics of massive family gathering meals and your ability to run into someone you know everywhere you go.
    Basically I’m a big fan girl and just love this blog. Maybe one day I’ll be the lucky one to run into your family on a trip, haha!

  11. Shawni, I love your blog so much and am scared about the changes! Please, please don’t go the ‘Pioneer Woman’ route. Or, god forbid, ‘Dooce’. I’m a New Zealander who’s been reading 71 Toes religiously since 2009, when I was a 19-years-old hitch-hiker in Vietnam. In many ways, our lives are still totally different (I’m an athiest, not that interested in having kids, currently doing journalism stuff in India). Yet so much of what you write resonates with me. Your passions for travel, beauty, nature and art; your curiosity around different cultures (I feel the same way about religiousness and parenthood!); how you relish hard stuff and shun celebrity culture; the art of balancing privilege with frugality; etc. I’m an avid listener to the podcast too, by the way. So much wisdom and goodness in there that goes beyond parenting.

    71 Toes is my go-to website whether I’m opening my up laptop at the office or returning to wifi after riding horses through Kyrgyzstan. My friends think I’m very strange. But having that window into such a deliberate, wholesome (positive yet never too saccharine) parallel world is really grounding. The way you write about religion is thought-provoking (especially in the comments), and I also enjoy your strategies for making the most of life.

    You and your broader family have probably shaped me more than I realise. For sure, you inspire me to live better and more fully.

    Anyway. Don’t change the blog too much and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

  12. I always enjoy reading about what you do for self improvement, how you make your marriage work, and how you foster relationships.
    Things like your money system, taking time to practice playing the cello everyday, meditation and journal ideas, 5 facets review, how to make someone feel seen and loved…
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Been reading your blog since 2011. I really enjoy your little things posts, seeing all of your travels, adventures with your siblings but most of all, your annual Bear Lake reunion.

  14. I would love a post on Arizona, I am from England and wonder at the huge open spaces of the US, I adore looking at your hike pictures. Also a few more recipes like the ones you already do.

    Mostly I love that you keep it real. The world is full of social media with everything filtered, it is to the point where you dont know what is real and what isnt. They never show that it took 1000 pictures to get that one selfie. I also used to read Charity’s blog, I think they way you both communicate is what draws people in. I found your blog wow, I want to say 2007? I came here from a blog that no longer exists called Erica’s Bloggity Blog. Please keep sharing the realness.

  15. Shawn I love how positive you are! You have taught, inspired, encouraged and entertained me as I have my own parenting journey. I appreciate the travel posts as I will never visit those places. Your posts are timely- most recently the kms lesson. I appreciate your archive to revisit. A n idea maybe sharing those weekly for the younger parents and keep sharing how you navigate older mother kid relationships etc. you do a great job. Thanks for sharing and being a bright spot. And recipes who doesn’t need some ideas on what to feed a family.

  16. I started following your blog when Lucy was a baby. I love the family updates and travel posts, but I really love the little things posts. As a single mom of 2 “littles”, it’s sometimes hard to stop and notice all the little things when life is happening. It’s always such a good reminder to do that.

  17. My favorite things to read about on your blog:
    1. Bear Lake reunions
    2. Travel to different states, different countries
    3. Milestones in your life and the lives of your kids and how you react to them.
    4. Recipes
    5: inspiring thoughts and people

  18. Hi Shawni! I started reading your blog when Max was is middle school. Since then I’ve gone to college, gotten married and am now expecting our 5th child. I love everything about your blog. The family updates, the mothering insights, parenting tips and travel. I don’t really want it to change! I used to follow a whole handful of blogs and yours is the only one still posting. I love reading your perspective on motherhood and life! And watching you go through the transitions of your own kids leaving the house, getting married and now onto a grandchild. It’s a great perspective for me as I’m in the phase of everyone on my legs. I am so grateful for you! Thank you for sharing your life!

  19. Hi Shawni,
    1. I know this sounds crazy but I’d like to know why you are still blogging — for inspiration for me. I started blogging years and years ago when my girls were little. I now have a sophomore in college and a sophomore in high school. I ‘ve tried to keep blogging but it feels ‘weird’ like things have shifted and I’m not sure what my ‘voice’ is anymore. I do keeping up with our family things since it’s a great place to go back to but there’s not a much of that anymore.

    2. How do you take your pictures? Mostly phone now? Or do you still carry around your big camera with the lenses?

    Thanks so much,

  20. I’ve been here for over 10 years. My 4 older daughters are similar ages to your kids (I also have a 7 year old little boy). I just had my first grand baby (a girl) in January. I feel like I’ve been on this journey right along with you. This blog has been such an encouragement to me and the way I mother my own family. I enjoy your Little Things posts the most!! I would love to see a few Day in the Life posts, too!! I would also love to see any home posts you’re willing to share. Love the style of your home.

  21. Oh and I forgot to say what inspires me: how you take so many pictures!!! It gets me to take more too and I’m always grateful for lots of pictures.

  22. Dear Shawni,

    I do feel you are a bit “over the top” and you give me a big lift every day. So I come back for the lift continually. Your family are all actually very inspiring and thank you for letting us in. A change I think is due is that you and your girls have all been rocking those long hairstyles for sometime now. How about trying something short and sassy!

  23. I found your blog about 12 years ago, when my children were preschoolers and babies (my eldest is 16 now!).
    I’m not Mormon, though I am a Christian and your blog has inspired me over the years – I remember reading about deliberate parenting and finding new ideas as I parented small children.
    My children are all neuro-diverse and so, reading some of Lucy’s story, though different to ours has also held encouragement.
    I live in Australia and love to see your photos of travelling and hiking – it’s very different terrain to our bush walks.
    Thanks for sharing for so many years Shawni, I look forward to seeing what you choose to post in the future 😊.

  24. Oh how I Love and Adore your blog. Your kindness and enthusiasm for life, your Love for Jesus. Your photos your sharing…. All of it. I come and am just thrilled to see a post. Any and all content I just adore. My husband and I of 40 years ( love him forever), have 3 adult children . Our family is fractured. Our adult children do not get along. We are sad about this and trying to navigate. We all live in 3 separate states so this will continue. Grandchildren we see but the cousins have not. I know how blessed I am for the good health all enjoy and am satisfied that God has this. I am a Christian woman and I do pray. I am not a listener of podcasts as the multiple voices and chatter and confusion it makes with the clamor to outspeak the other is hard for me. Thus your podcast and your parents I do not listen to. (however I do
    wish you great success)…. I love to see your travels and the comings goings of your BEAUTIFUL family. Would love to know how to travel with the adult kids ( would love advice on the “who pays”, as maybe this could be a future endeavor).
    I do know change is a constant in our lives but the calm and hope you provide has given me joy. I just hope with the changes you are entertaining that you stay and share. I am thankful and want to thank you. Take care.

  25. Hi Shawni, this is the first time I’ve ever posted but have been a blog follower from the beginning. I’ve shared your mothering wisdom and tips with my family and friends over the years (always giving you the credit). I’d love to hear you continue life with your adults children and soon grandkids!! That’s a whole new area that many of us will be navigating soon. Thank you for sharing your faith too. I’m Catholic but love learning about other denominations. You’ve helped me learn to appreciate and respect other’s beliefs. Thank you for years of learning!

  26. I love everything about your blog. It is the only one I still check often. I especially love your home ideas, parenting techniques, marriage advice, and all things gospel related. You have helped me more than you’ll ever know. Thank you 🙂

  27. Have been following & enjoying your blog from Australia for quite a few years now. As someone with no siblings (so no nieces & nephews) and now no parents, aunts & uncles it ‘fills a gap’ for me & provides ideas/inspiration as a parent of adult children.
    I think it would be interesting to hear a bit about/more about how you feel/manage/help as your parents, in-laws etc age & go through health issues. Many people at your stage of life are the ‘sandwich’ generation. Not the case for me but might interest others.

  28. I’ve been reading your blog since your house construction… I lived in AZ at the time, so maybe found you through a local connection. I don’t remember! I’ve stuck w your blog bc it’s beautiful(!!), inspiring, and helpful. I love your photos, recipes, newsy family updates, and parenting/family advice. You seem deeply relatable to me and come across as genuine and thoughtful. I appreciate how to respond to criticism. I’d like to hear more about how you navigate family conflict and hard times and how you parented teenagers. I loved hearing from your parents on your podcast… it’s super interesting to hear from both the parents and kids about shared growing up memories. Thanks for all the work you put into making this a bright spot online.

  29. Hi Shawni,

    I have been a long timer reader and I LOVE the posts about your family. The Bear Lake recap is always the best. Not really into the religious posts.

  30. Have been following along from South Africa since the lockdown in 2020
    Really enjoy your writing and I’ve learnt so much!

  31. I came across your blog years ago, but have been a consistent reader the last 2-ish years. I have 4 girls and 1 boy ages 5-12 and honestly, I keep coming back because somehow, your posts make me want to be a better mom. It helps me realize how fleeting our time is with them while they are young and helps me keep perspective. I come from a broken family, so I love to see how a functional one works. I’ve gotten a lot of parenting ideas from you that have been really helpful.

  32. I love hearing about your kids and updates on them and where they are and what they doing. It is so fun.

  33. I’ve been a long, LONG-time reader. My older kids are the same age as yours and it is always good to read that others are going through the same issues. Just recently, your post on KMS (Keep Mouth Shut) with the adult kids reached out to me. It is soooo hard to do. My dad is the oldest of 9 and we are all close so it has been fun seeing your extended family and learn about them (I even read their blogs too). So much talent in your family and I love how all the cousins get along and support each other. I enjoy how much you LOVE nature – pictures of sunsets and the views on the hikes are gorgeous. Your travel adventures are fun and I learn about new places and things to do. Oh my gosh – recipes. Can I just say – thank you for the Flat Bread recipe!!! Complete staple in our house. Many of your other recipes have been added to our collection. I also enjoy hearing about Lucy’s health. I knew a little about BBS but I have learned so much hearing the ups and downs (struggles) your family has been through.

    I think the best thing to say is this: THANK YOU! Thank you for having this blog. Thank you for opening your home to us. Thank you for being raw and sharing the tough times. Thank you for your words and sharing them with us.

  34. I have been reading your blog for at least 8 years? We are similar in age, and I have a couple kids near in age to your two youngest. I appreciate learning all about your family traditions and how they evolve over time/ages of your kids, the “little things” posts, general life updates, book recommendations, recipes, gatherings you do with your family and the games and activities you do at them, home updates, your hikes… Basically, a lot of stuff!

  35. I have loved reading your blog over the years. Your kids are slightly older than mine (I have a 20 year old daughter missionary, an 18 year old almost missionary son, a 16 yr old daughter and a 14 yr old son) and I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from you. We did international nights for years because of you and you have inspired me to travel with my family so much more than I ever would have. You have also inspired me to take pictures and document so much more than I had been doing before discovering your blog, so thank you! I adored your posts about kids and tweens. But now I love your posts about teenagers and young adults now because that’s the phase of life I’m in now. So basically, I love what you’ve been doing and just want to say thank you for putting yourself out there!

  36. This is my favorite of all time blog. Your brother Eli brought me to his blog (and eventually to all of the family) SO many years ago because I was looking at travel blogs. You are the one of the only one now continuing (in public), I have mentioned in your comments before. I am a non religious person and yet your way that you and your family conduct yourself life is commendable. I am inspired. I find solace. I find a need to push myself. So inspiring. Thank you.

  37. As a mom, I always enjoyed reading about your motherhood and experiences. Especially since you are a little ahead in terms of the age of the children.
    But now that the children have grown up, a new chapter of life begins, which is interesting in itself.

  38. As I have children the same ages as yours I love reading your thoughts/experiences regarding parenting adults-it’s definitely no joke! You are a bright light on the internet 🙂

  39. Forgot to add-I loved your Christmas gift guides written by your girls. I bought several items from their lists for my daughters.

  40. I was 14 when I found your blog! I’m now 24. I was raised in a chaotic and unhappy home and your blog made me believe I COULD one day have happiness and love in my own home. Your blog has brought me so much peace throughout my teenage years.

  41. Long time follower here – as are many others who have commented! That alone says you are doing it right!
    I especially enjoy the variety in your posting and your focus on positivity.
    I enjoy “hack” and “haul” lifestyle posts – cleaning hacks, organizing hacks, cooking hacks, anti-aging hacks, clothing hauls, Costco hauls, Trader Joe hauls etc. Basically, anything you find or do that makes your life easier!
    I also look forward to yours and your families “Favorite Things” posts.
    I know you keep it as real as possible here without disclosing specific personal issues or struggles – but if there’s anything I’d like to see more of is those types of posts. We are in a very challenging time right now and people are struggling financially, emotionally and physically. Not to mention the battles our children are facing every day. I just find it encouraging when I read someone else has had the same or similar challenges and what they did to overcome or improve the situation.
    Lastly, as a previous commenter said above – please do not go the Pioneer Woman overhaul route….
    Thank you for sharing your life and your life experiences with us!

  42. I’ve been reading your blog since I was newly married (I think? It’s been awhile!) My kids are now ages 5, 3 & 18 months so I’m in the trenches of tantrums, toddlerhood, sticky fingers & very little alone time 🙂 I keep coming back for your perspective as a “seasoned” mom and inspiration to look for the “little things” and joy in motherhood. I’m drawn to your realness & like your spiritual insights too. Don’t change things up too much!

  43. I have not read all the comments so this may have been mentioned… I have been reading since 2012 and over the years you have been asked very thought provoking questions, some of which may have been uncomfortable for you to answer. Some to do with your religion, some to do with your children (now adult children) and the fact that they obviously do not adhere to the standards of your church.

    I have yet to see an honest, to the point answer to any of the questions posed to you. You (and your commenters) always turn it around so that the person(s) who ask the questions are the bad guys for asking. I would like to see a bit more honest thought put into your responses. Not just “oh I’m so sorry you are having a bad day and asked me that question.” Or “I deleted some comments because this is a positive space…”

    I would love for you to just say “none of your business, stop asking” than skirt around and make excuses like grace, free will, etc.

  44. I love your blog and it’s been such a key learning opportunity for me over the years (probably been reading for 10ish years? LDS with 6 kids here and we live in the Midwest, so it’s fun to see your posts about AZ and UT as we visit the west frequently to see family!). Like other commenters have mentioned, I would really love to know more about how you’ve helped your children navigate teenage struggles. I totally agree with your desire to protect their privacy while they’re in the midst of those challenges but hope that you might be able to speak more about them now as they’ve gotten older? I have four teenagers and gosh it is a trip, so much emotional energy required and I’m reminded every day that each child is different and I cannot use the same strategies that worked for one and expect it to work for the others.

  45. Oh Shawni. I have been reading this blog for a long time, and it is a shining light because your life is beautiful and full of adventure but also because your life is also full of hard decisions and deep feelings. My kids are slightly younger and we are quickly approaching the years where I need to help them navigate into adulthood. How to help, how to stand back, and how it’s different with every child is what feels like a whirlwind right now. I have one child who is feeling quite lost, not finding many personal interests, feeling like her future is clouded with unknowns. I have one child who wants to do anything and everything and is ready to rush into all the excitement of the wide world. I have a child who seems to need to be handheld through every moment when his siblings did not because he has big ideas, a lot of energy, and not quite the self control to manage his actions and emotions. Oh boy- that one leaving the nest will be an interesting time. So really, just navigation this big transition from in the nest to out of the nest (but still in our lives of course!)

  46. Your posts feel like letters from a friend and that’s what I really like! I know that you make money with it through Google ads, but it never feels like you have to create content to increase traffic and therefore money.

    As for particular things, I must admit that I sometimes skip your Sunday ponderings as I am not a religious person. I used to enjoy the Thursday Q&As(?). Overall, I just really like to read your thoughts and your family life. And have for over ten years!

    Whatever you post, I would really like to maintain that “private, not pecuniar feeling”!

  47. I enjoy all of your posts. I have been following for many years and I cant remember how I found your site. I have children of similar ages.
    Here are a few additional topics I would like to hear your cover:
    – I am close to being and empty nester and I know you are also. Would love to hear insight on your plans to navigate this chapter of life.
    – how to create bonds with boyfriends/girlfriends/in-laws. especially when they do not live in town.
    – more recipes. Some of your recipes are my favorites.

  48. Shawni,
    I have been reading your blog since college when it was recommended to me by my then boyfriend’s sister. I didn’t end up marrying him but I got your blog out of the deal and I have been following for over 10 years now. I didn’t know then that I would also have all girls and one boy and it had been fun for me to see that dynamic as your kids age. I love all parenting advice, your recipes, family updates, and book recommendations….so pretty much everything! Thank you for putting your heart on here and for letting us join your family on the adventure that is life.

  49. I’ve been following your blog for about 10 years now. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I feel like you’ve been a mentor in my life & helped me so much with parenting and being a mom. You’ve been an inspiration to me & my family! Thank you!

    I would love to see you continue with parenting tips, religious thoughts, & real-life vulnerability. And your travel tips have been helpful too!

  50. I live in the same area as you and our kids have gone to the same high school, although they haven’t known each other. (You and I have met in the past when you did an interview with me for a teen course I did, which was awesome!) Something you wrote here inspired me many years ago to write a family motto. We came up with one as a family and hung it prominently on the wall in our home and it’s still there. (“Be nice and don’t do dumb things.”) I love your posts on self-development and book suggestions. I also enjoy hearing how you are navigating parenting young adults as I am in the same stage of life and it’s more tricky than teenagers, in my opinion. I enjoy reading about how Lucy is navigating her challenges. I was serving lunch at the seminary last week and Lucy came through the line and I just wanted to hug her. I didn’t but I was able to call her by name because of this blog. She is a light. I really enjoy the podcast with your sisters and always learn something or find something to think about more. I guess I just want to say, “Keep doing what you are doing.” You have been a great example to me of how to share in a positive way online. Thanks for being willing to put yourself out there and to share despite the criticism.

  51. I really enjoy your parenting ideas and traditions. We have adopted quite a few of both. Thank you for sharing!

  52. In addition to all the things previously mentioned, I’d love to see more of your go-to dishes for things like baby showers or feeding a large crowd when company comes over. I discovered your blog just a few months after you started blogging. The only “mommy” blog I still read. You have a lovely family.

  53. I love your blog as it is. One thing I have been struggling with is that you share a lot about Lucy‘s struggles, and your older kids life is just one blissful event after the other. And sometimes I wonder – didn’t Grace want to go abroad, too? How is Elle doing with a husband who is working so much? I don‘t know the answer – it is your older kids story to share their stories, and yet it must be hard to be the one kid who doesn‘t have an easy life. And a thought from a daughter‘s – I had been deliberately unemployed two consecutive summers and spent time at my grandma‘s. I wanted to take time to spend with my family and think about what kind of job I really wanted. I think my grandma lied about me being unemployed to the neighbours and friends, even though it was clear from my qualifications that it was a choice and I had no troubles finding a job. It would have meant a lot to me if I was not only celebrated for my wins but also just for myself.

  54. I don’t exactly remember how I found your blog. Not being a z Mormon myself, I do enjoy learning about your faith. I am a parent of young adults also, and I am interested in hearing how you navigate those waters. Lucy’s story is also of interest. I was very surprised to hear that you must journey all the way to my area for treatment. I am about 30 minutes from Marshfield.

  55. I found your blog years ago when I was first teaching Joy School. I have throughly enjoyed following along as your children have grown right along with mine. I would love more “little things”, more ideas for Relief Society, more real life and more of transitioning to adult kids. I generally skip over your book recs and podcasts posts. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say I am expecting tons of grand baby posts!!!!

  56. I’m a 38 Australian; with two step kids since three years ago. I started reading blogs to pass slow time at work, and have no idea how I came upon yours. But as boredom read regular at work, bloggers with a regular posting pattern earned favour! I remember China, and I recall you moving into the new house. You’ve even sent me a Book of Mormon. I’ve dreamt I’ve been talking with you or your kids (and with other bloggers!)

    I don’t love the cross promotion of your podcast, as I don’t listen to it. I’ve enjoyed your photography rich posts. I love when your commenters challenge you – and the grace you receive feedback (thinking of your travel activities). I’m open to reading about your faith, and if there’s parts you struggle with – the expectations etc?

    Oh and I like to drop by and read posts from newest to oldest, the recent redesign (using my phone) has made that less intuitive 🙁

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