Claire (and all Lu’s older siblings) have been eating her up. They adore this child. I don’t know what in the world we would ever, ever do without her. I love this picture because it shows it. Don’t you just want to squish that face?

Max’s feet have officially passed mine up in size. And that’s saying something since he’s 12 and I wear a 10.

Grace is working on perfecting the art of begging. Although this picture doesn’t show it, she’s got the puppy-dog eyes down pat and can ask for the same thing at least sixty-seven times all in different tones and with all different expressions. The bad news? It doesn’t work. When is she going to realize that?

Now, Lu, on the other hand…well, she’s with Grace on the asking over and over thing. But her intonation pretty much stays exactly the same. She’s a broken record. And a bunch of the time I can’t even understand what the heck she’s insistently repeating over and over to me. But mostly it’s milk. More and more and more milk. It does a number to the nerves.

Elle is in love with soccer.

After four years of not a single complaint in the music arena, Max is begging to quit piano. (Wait, I think there’s a pattern here. What’s up with all this begging?)

The sun bugs Lucy. When we come out of stores the sun is so bright it seems to do a number on her and she can’t see for a minute and she begs for my glasses. So this (above) is how she follows me around on our errands. It sure makes people smile.

My girls have this obsession with bracelets. Sadly, not the cute kind. I’m talking the junky plastic ones you get at parties. It’s killing me. Elle started it all when she decided to see how long she could leave her entrance bracelet on after a roller skating party a couple years ago. That one finally wore off (hallelujah!) But believe me, there have been many parties and water park days since then and now Grace is on board too, so they have contests with each other on who can keep them on the longest. They both keep wearing these darn things for months on end.

Grace has taken doing make-overs with her friends to a new level.
I know. Scary.

Grace has informed me that I really need to get in-the-know about more of the shows on the Disney Channel (She knows I hate the Disney Channel…with a passion. I know the “h” word is a bad one, but I really, really dislike it. It seems like the kids in the shows are always disrespectful to adults and are getting away with the world. But you have to take my opinion with a grain of salt since I’ve only watched a sliver of what’s on there….maybe I do need to get to know it better.)

For living in a family that doesn’t allow TV watching on week days I’m not sure how our kids know anything about that darn channel. But I did bite the bullet and learn all about Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus though…all because we rented the new Hannah Montana movie for movie night a couple weeks ago.

So I can pat myself on the back for that one.

I filled in for a Grandparent on “Grandparents Day” since we don’t have any grandparents anywhere near these days. The girls were all dying for them to come, but they had to settle for their Mom. We had a fun lunch date at school. Although you can’t tell in this picture, Lu was eating it up, especially when Claire let her wear her backpack.

Lucy wears this dress that each of my other girls have worn. All four of them in this dress. Makes me kind of nostalgic. (Here’s Elle in it…)

Lu has another weird body rash. So she’s on antibiotics again.

And man oh man, I’m horrible at administering antibiotics. I’ve remembered maybe three of the seven days so far. I’m not a big fan of antibiotics anyway…I worry about what they’re going to do to my kids’ immune system. And when I forget so many doses it makes me worry even more.

I piggy-backed onto my friend’s photography assignment to take pictures in direct mid-day light with different modes of reflection.
Not an easy task, but I liked the challenge.Makes me miss photography.
I love our cousins.

My friend passed on her kids’ old toy car to Lu.
I think it’s safe to say she found it a loving home…

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  1. Seriously… what beautiful kids you have. I love how connected they all are. well done, mom! The pic of your youngest rockin the DG sunglasses… awesome!

  2. You are right, forgetting antibiotics, or quitting them before done is not so good. Worse actually than not taking them at all.

    I have dresses that my three girls have outgrown and now there is nobody left to pass them down too and I don't know what to do. I can't imagine tossing some dresses simply because it's been all of their dresses.

    So sad when the baby is 8. 🙁

  3. My first needed antibiotics a lot — I would pin his head between my legs, put his arms under my legs and plug his nose.
    You be the judge. 🙂

  4. Looks like you are as busy as ever. We have the same things going on over here. Bracelets up both wrists and ankles, wanting to quit piano, with loads of ineffective begging. It's nice to see we are all plugging along doing the same things.

  5. Very cute pictures…
    Elle should hang out with Aron (my brother), he lives and breathes soccer.
    I can't imagine quitting piano. I love it! But giving Max some fun pieces, from movies or something, might make him more eager to play. Try John Williams' music, he wrote the music to Star Wars and Harry Potter. They're really fun pieces, and he would love them.
    And by the way, I'm with you, I hate Disney Channel. haha…

  6. Hmmm, I'm sad that we missed Grandparents' Day. We sure miss those adorable kids! Love the "inside" pictures of what's going on. Kiss those little sqishables for us!

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