I am thankful every day for my sisters.

And really, what’s better than having sisters?

Doing a podcast with them!

Sure, there have been some tricky parts. This is so much more complicated than we ever thought it would be when we decided to do it. But boy, there’s something pretty wonderful about being able to sit together and ponder motherhood and life and how we grew up.

What we want to change about how we’re doing this whole parenting thing.

What we want to keep.

One of the biggest tricky parts is that we cannot, for the life of us, figure out an ongoing time to record. We’re all in such different phases of life and we are true Eyres: cramming more things than we should into each day.

So we decided, as we set off on “season 2” of our venture, we had better take a couple days to have a “work trip” and record together.

Getting to this point, just like the weekly podcast recordings, was no small feat! It was right after Christmas, we each had some pretty big things swirling around in our hearts.

But we made it to Newport, all four.

I adore those ladies up there. There are so many things they inspire me in, things they do that push me to be better. And also, things they do that also drive me crazy because I know I do them too!


We recorded EIGHT EPISODES, and really, we had so much fun in the process. So great to have a reason to really delve into our growing-up memories. To think about our beautifully deliberate parents. To dissect what we do and how we do it and all the good that came from those growing up years.

We sat huddled in that little room (the one with the most fabric to cut out echos), wrapped in blankets (it was cold and I didn’t figure out how to turn on the heat until the end) with our computers on our laps and talked and talked about our family growing up.

And how we’re certainly muddling though as “fellow strugglers.”

I’m surprised how many pictures I have of other things we did, because we did a LOT of recording, and out-line-making before the recording.

But of course, we had to slip out to relax our minds here and there!

We went to Lido Village for brunch overlooking the bay, eating delicious food:

We rode bikes everywhere, bells ringing, hair swinging, hazy horizon touching the earth, muted cloudy sunsets, pier walking, food-talking, Duffy riding, speed-walking, boardwalk running/biking, cookie-baking.

We ran to the Wedge, me huffing and puffing to keep up with my fast sisters who were patient with me.

We did yoga.

Every day.

I got to see Claire and Grace for a minute here and there too since they had decided to drive down to Newport with a couple friends from Provo for a couple days.

Gosh I love those two. And I love the love they get from my sisters too (thanks guys!). I love that Claire GOT ACCEPTED TO STUDY ABROAD IN LONDON in the Spring while we were all there. Loved that we got to share in her excitement about it all. Love how Grace is so stable and steady, waiting to see if she gets in her own study abroad she applied for.

Always trying to figure out a way to sneak in a little more workout:

We took an Uber to church and walked around the temple:

All with lots of recording mixed in:

So grateful for these women I get to call my own.

Love them forever.

If you haven’t yet, go tune into the first two episodes of Season TWO of “In the Arena.”

The first one is an interview with our parents, the second is all about how to find a balance of what to try to control and what to let go of in parenting.

Also, we’re having a “challenge” to do together as a mothering community each month. Tune in if you want to catch the end of the January challenge!

Thank you for listening!


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  1. Who pays for all your adult children’s extra activities? I know you’ve said you pay for schooling, which is interesting! But Claire doesn’t have a job so how does she pay for all these trips to Newport Beach, Sundance, skiing, weekends away, these are not cheap places . are they responsible at all for anything financially? I just worry about what happens when they marry poor and they can’t afford to do any of those things or would that never happen?!

    1. Good questions Amber, Claire got a small scholarship when she played volleyball, so she’s been living on that, and she just got two jobs now that the volleyball season is over so she’s pretty excited about that! We gave the kids ski passes for Christmas which Claire has used the very most. The girls were able to stay with us in Newport and they drove so they all just split the cost of gas. They are pretty thrifty and smart with money so I think they’ll be ok! XOXO

  2. my goodness, I can’t wait to listen you them!
    And huge congratulations to Claire. I served most of my mission in that area and she is going to have her best time of her life, is she doing it through BYU or a different School? Sooo excited!

    1. She’s doing it through BYU, they have such a good program over there! And yes, it’s the best area, so lucky you got to serve you mission there and she gets to live there! WooHoo! xoxo

  3. How many schools are they going to get credits from? Why in the Mormon world does 4 years of college take place over 3 school ?

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