When Grace was born we knew we were in big trouble. Sure, we couldn’t kiss those chubby cheeks enough and we adored her.

But she was colicky. And I don’t mean the kind of colicky that means the baby cries a lot. I mean the kind of colicky that means the baby never stops crying. Ever.To top that off she had reflux.Really, really bad reflux. (Yeah, don’t ask me why I’m smiling in that picture.)There was always something coming out of her.

And we would have surely given up on parenting right then and there if it wasn’t for one of my Young Women. She saved us. She’d drive over and swaddle that colicky, sticky baby and hold her for hours. She would calm her down and calm me down and all would be right in the world again.
She adored Grace, and Grace adored her right back.

Well, we moved from D.C. to the desert right as Grace grew out of her colic. And we lost touch with our magical babysitter.

But seven years later she somehow found this blog and we met up at Women’s Conference last month. She graduated in speech pathology and was on her way to graduate school, and offered to come help us with Lucy and speech and life for a couple weeks before she took off to graduate school.

We snatched her up.

Not only did she help with Lu, and the kids, and life, but she organized our whole house.Thanks for saving us again, Kara. We love you!

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  1. Blogs are so cool for those “long-lost” reunions.
    And I can totally relate to those pictures. 3 out of my 5 babies were colicky (2 of those beyond belief) and 4 out of my 5 had projectile vomitting and reflux. Oh boy. People would ask if they could hold my babies at church and I’d ask them if they’d brought a change of clothes! (seriously)

  2. Molly has looked like you over and over…her first had reflux now her baby has a hernia which makes him vomit worse than reflux. My 3 have just been regular spitter uppers for 11 months solid.

  3. So…I LOVED your book. I tell everyone I know they should get it. I had no idea your parents were the Eyer’s. I’ve read several of their books, including, “teaching children joy”. Small world. I even did a post about it at ourapplebunch.com under my “da thoughts”, “become as a child”.

    Anyhow, I just love you, you’re awesome!

  4. Too funny! My first baby was the same way – COLICKY and projectile vomit – and now my third may be an angel but oh the reflux! You could have taken that exact picture of me and my good friend in AZ at church this past Sunday. I too have a miracle baby sitter. Thank heavens for angels in disguise! Also, I’m reading you book right now and have to say I so admire you and your parents and the wisdom you all share with us. Thanks for taking the time!

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