Lucy played the piano at church yesterday.

Which was all fine and dandy.

I mean, it might scare the pants off me or anyone else in our family to play in front of that many people, but Lucy is confident and secure in the piano.

That’s definitely not to say that security doesn’t come with a whole slew of work.

The two of us sit on that piano bench and I honestly work up a sweat trying to help her figure out those notes all enlarged with love from her teacher.

In her mind “up” means “down” on the piano keys, and I still have to think “Every Good Boy Does Fine” or “All Cows Eat Grass” to figure out the notes, and sometimes we are a big mess.

But once that girl learns something, she knows it.

So I wasn’t worried she would forget the notes or get too nervous.

I was, however, wondering how in the world this was all going to work out since she woke up with a little black storm-cloud hovering above her head.

Oh boy she was grumpy.

She wouldn’t let me walk her up to the piano (did she know where the stairs were? Would she bump into that music stand next to the piano? (she did, but then she was able to gracefully move around it). Would she plunk out the notes rather than using that beautiful touch she has?

But she went up there and played with her soul.

And I sat there teary-eyed at that girl of mine.

The one who makes me crazy sometimes (and who I make crazy right back), and the one who I adore (and I think it’s safe to say she also adores me right back too:)

Because I was thinking not only of the beauty she was creating, and how long it took her to learn it, and how her mind works to memorize things so well, and the beauty for ashes in that whole process.

But I was also thinking of the words to the song she was playing: “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen:

Have you ever felt like nobody was there?
Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?
Have you ever felt like you could disappear?
Like you could fall, and no one would hear?
Well, let that lonely feeling wash away
Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay
‘Cause when you don’t feel strong enough to stand
You can reach, reach out your hand
And oh, someone will coming running
And I know, they’ll take you home
Even when the dark comes crashing through
When you need a friend to carry you
And when you’re broken on the ground
You will be found
So let the sun come streaming in
‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again
Lift your head and look around
You will be found
You will be found
You will be found
You will be found
You will be found

And right as she was playing with such feeling, I could almost feel her “reaching out her hand” and “needing a friend to carry her”

And also right as she was playing her siblings were making her feel “found,” texting her all kinds of love as they were able to listen through the link our church sends out.

Found through their encouragement.

Found through the love of church members who made her feel seen and told her how much they felt what she played.

Found through the love she let in from her parents after she was done being grumpy.

(And after she got to mess up her hair a little because we found out that was apparently the thing causing the grumpy-problem.)

I also hope she felt Found through the love she holds in her heart that is streaming down from Heaven to her.

I just love this girl of mine with all my heart. She teaches me every day.

I love that she chooses the songs she wants to learn so carefully (another one she’s learning right now is “For Good” from “Wicked” and don’t even get me started on reading the lyrics to that one as I sit and help her on that piano bench).

But for today, I’ll just say that I love that Lucy knows, even in her sometimes grumpy heart, that really, “she will be found.”

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  1. Go Lucy!!!!

    For Good from Wicked is one of the most beautiful songs of all time in my book! Makes me tear up and moves me more than some church hymns!

  2. She is so brave to do that!! I haven’t played the piano in years, but even when I played much more often I would have been *terrified* to play in front of a group. I didn’t even like for my parents to listen to me practice! GO LUCY!!!

  3. Great job Lucy! It is so beautiful how your entire family supports each other! Lucy, you are a brave and beautiful soul! Let your light so shine sweet girl!

  4. Good job Lucy! I love how your family supports each other! Lucy, you are a brave & beautiful soul! Let your light shine sweet girl!

  5. Oh Lucy, I are so proud of you! Your music comes from your soul. You have improved so much this year! Ad that doesn’t come easy. I love your dedication to practice and determination to learn the songs that you love that also have such deeply meaningful words.
    I love the way your mind works as you memorize those pieces. You are doing the impossible!

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