We put up the good old Thanksgiving Tree for Family Home Evening this week.  

Claire had “open gym” for volleyball (we’re trying that out…lots to say about Claire and sports soon because we are going nutty overload with that stuff right now), so  for the first part so it was just these two sisters.

And Grace thought Lucy’s gratitude for “distraction” was kind of funny (she was super itchy for something or other so she was glad she could have some distraction from the itchiness):

We went a little crazy with those leaves that first night…usually we each just put up a few leaves every day but we happened to have some from last year and then the girls couldn’t seem to stop writing and writing.

Clearly Bo was mesmerized by that wall filled with Gratitude:


And clearly Lucy adored that pup of hers:

And that pup puts up with a lot from those big “sisters” of hers.

Claire came to join in the party and helped us with some “thankful stuff” we could send to our missionary and college girl.

Lots to be grateful for.

I love November.


  1. Love that Lucy's mind! And the sweet love of those sister. AND especially the look on Bo's face on that first picture that says, "This is just the best moment ever!"

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