I cannot believe how speedy quick that last week zipped by.

Oh boy.
We just arrived home on the red-eye from visiting our Elle for spring break.  

Not much better than having those four together…except having their brother there too.  Man alive did we ever miss him!

We still have sand in our hair, Claire and I have cold sores popping out, we are all begging each other for back scratches to appease our sunburns, and we are heavy-laden with golden memories that make us smile even through the thick blur that these first few hours home have left us in. 

We got in at 5:45 am and by 8:00 we had run five loads of laundry, unpacked, picked up Bo (with some serious great excitement) and sent all the girls off to school.  I hope they survive!  
I can’t wait to write about our grand adventures over there, but for now I’m off to fill up the fridge and try to situate life around here, and just wanted to say hi.
We have come home to trees already heavy-laden with thick fresh new foliage, bright green glistening in the sun, spring has sprung here in the desert and it is always good to be home.
But boy howdy we’re already sure missing that Elle of ours!  And those velvety green mountains of Hawaii that are her temporary home.


    1. Ha! That's the word that stuck out to me too. I graduated from BYUH and Laie will always feel like home to me, even if my physical address is located elsewhere. Love every minute of it, BYUH truly is a miraculous place!

    1. Having cold sores doesn't mean you are sick. My brother used to get them and they can last for weeks. Not going to school because you have cold sores would be like not going to school because your lips are chapped.

    2. ?? I didn't mention anything about cold sores?? I was commenting on the fact that people, especially kids, often get sick when they travel in planes and get inadequate rest.

    3. She could have sent them to school the follow day after a full nights rest in a bed. Time change, red eye where you may have gotten real rest or not and being confined with germs for hours and eating differently can mess with the body. Hawaii is a grueling flight. Maybe they slept and routine was a priority? Some sleep fine on a plane.

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