We’re trying to go whole-grain around here. If Dave and I have it our way, little by little these kids are gonna start begging for flax-seed and cracked wheat. So we thank our lucky stars over and over again for the whole wheat pancakes Dave’s sister Julie whipped up for us one day.

They were SO good, we fell in love. And when you love something you better share, right?

You can enjoy these with all kinds of toppings, as simple or as fancy as you want.

Here you go!

Whole Wheat Pancakes

The easiest way to a semi-healthy pancake:)
Course Breakfast


  • 1 c. Whole wheat kernels
  • 1 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 2 Tbs. sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/3 c. oil


  • Mix the milk and whole wheat kernels in a blender for four minutes.
  • Then add the egg, baking powder, sugar, salt and oil. Blend again until combined.
  • Cook on a hot griddle until golden.
  • Enjoy with syrup or fruit and powdered sugar, whatever you want!

There you go. Enjoy, because man oh man these whole wheat pancakes are tasty suckers!

Thanks, Julie!

p.s. We’d love to try out any tried and true whole-grain recipes people have out there…send them our way if you have any good ones.

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  1. I throw whole wheat into everything. Cookies, cakes, pancakes, homemade chicken nuggets…if you add enough sugar and butter, no one notices! Which totally cancels out the benefits of whole wheat, I know, I know. But seriously, if you are storing your own wheat, investing in a really good wheat grinder is worth it. Having a very fine whole wheat flour really does make a difference in your final product.

  2. on a cold(er) day, try this hearty ww chili!

    Wheat Chili
    Elizabeth Harris

    1 ½ cups raw wheat
    5 cups of water
    2 t. salt.
    -Combine in crockpot. Cook overnight on low.

    1 lb. hamburger meat (or ground turkey)
    chopped onion (amount to your liking)
    salt and pepper
    -The next morning, brown and add to crockpot.

    1 T. chili powder
    ½ t. oregano
    garlic salt to taste (or garlic)
    1 medium can enchilada sauce
    2 lb. Can stewed tomatoes
    -Add and Mix all together. Cook rest of the day in crock pot on low.

    Serve with fritos and sour cream. Serve atop a baked potato for an even heartier meal.

  3. We use this same recipe (a little different) and just made them this morning. They are sooo yummy. I'm going to a whole grains cooking class on Tuesday so if there is anything you are looking for, let me know. Hang in there with all you are doing. You're amazing. Love ya.

  4. I use that same recipe for waffles. MMmmmm!!

    Try whole oat groats… 1 part oat, 3 parts water in a crock pot (on low) over night. Yummy, creamy oatmeal with little effort. (With way more nutrition… because it's the whole oat)

    I toss in a hand full of dried blueberries and let them rehydrate for a few minutes. Or fresh fruit.

    (I order mine from a lady who sells bulk grains. I bet you can get them at Sprouts… if not, let me know. I'll totally share some, I have 50 pounds of them!)

  5. I recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy reading about your beautiful family.
    I totally agree you need to try the whole wheat white flour. I use it all the time in place of AP flour. I'm always experimenting with recipes and trying the whole wheat in place of AP. You'll find that sometimes it does work great and other times you may need to do a 50% mix of whole wheat and AP. Good luck, I look forward to reading about your success!

  6. Do you need to eliminate sugar? I am not crazy organic lady or anything but I just started sometimes using Agave in place of sugar. You can use it a lot like honey. I bought two kinds of organic Agave at Trader Joes – raw (dark) has a very earthy honey like taste and and a more processed version that is light with a lighter taste. It is delicious – I had some spread on toast this morning. It would be great in those pancakes I am sure. Or even slathered on top!

    How do I convince my husband about whole grains? I do meatless monday (bean based) and meatless thursday (grain based) stuff like your pancakes. I am trying!!!

  7. i grew up on whole wheat EVERYTHING!!!! and i mean everything! our birthday cakes were made from whole wheat and we NEVER got frosting. only whipped cream with no sugar. to say that my mom was a health nut is an understatement…we even got carob in our easter baskets instead of chocolate. having said this, i totally love and appreciate all things healthy and have a much wider variety of foods that i enjoy than a lot of my friends. you're doing a great thing. now i just need to do better with my family.

  8. We have found a GREAT pancake mix here (Utah company only). Tree Street Grains (treestreetgrains@gmail.com) It is a 16 grain pancake mix..ingredient are: all fresh stone ground ww grains, barley, corn, karmut, millet oats, rice, rye, sorghum, splelt, quinoa, buckwheat, flax and wild rice. My kids LOVE this mix. It is loaded with protein 5g and low on sugar 4g, which is something I always look for. We are quite the health nuts over here so if you need some other suggestions, happy to pass them along. Oh, you can only purchase this mix at Harmons in Utah. I know you have family here, but am happy to get some to you and mail you some. It is delis and your kids won't even know they are eating healthy! Love that!!!

    ok LOVE my Canon 5D Mark 11. I haven't played with it much since I just got it for Christmas. The space hasn't been an issue at all, in fact, that is why I wanted the 21 megapixels. The color is fantastic! I shoot everything in RAW so it eats up a lot of space anyway so yes I do have an external hardrive for just my pictures. LOVE the video. It does a fantastic job and it is so professional. It looks like a pro recorded the movie not me! You can zoom in and out and stop frames when you want. The menu is much easier to figure out than Nikon's 700. I think you won't regret either one but when looking at lens prices, Canon seemed to be lower priced than the Nikon's onee by about $300 each time. If you want to talk shop more, just email me at lisa.linton@schoolimprovement.com. Good luck!!!!

  9. Go get a big bag of soft white wheat kernals at Preparing Wisely in mesa. It looks and taste much like white flour but is whole wheat. You can just substitute it in any recipe you have. Good stuff!

  10. These sound so good and healthy too! I am giving them a try. I have noticed your girls wearing chuncky silver necklaces with their initials and think they are great! Can you tell me where you get them? Thanks! Love your blog!

  11. Oatmeal Waffles

    4 C buttermilk
    4 eggs
    2 C quick cooking oats
    2 Tbs molasses
    2 Tbs veg oil
    Combine this in one bowl and set aside

    2 C Whole weat flour
    1 tsp salt
    2 tsp baking soda
    2 tsp baking powder
    Combine this and mix well

    Combine the two blowls together and mix till all dry ingredients are incorporated.

    Drop into a waffle iron and cook according to the iron's directions. Or drop in 1/4C on a hot pancake griddle.

  12. I have this recipe too but need to use it more. We do waffles every Sunday after church – I think I may need to try this instead! Thanks♥
    and thanks to all the girls for sharing their recipes. I'm saving those too for later!

  13. THANKS so much for all the great ideas! We tried this recipe for waffles this morning and I think I like them even more than pancakes (thanks for the tip, Jennifer!) I've got to try all these tips..so great…thank you…

  14. http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/?p=1165

    We're making the whole grain switch too right now. Check this link out for the best recipes for whole wheat and other whole grain artisan bread in only FIVE minutes a day. It's so delicious and easy, I just keep a big container of dough in the fridge and pull a lump out before dinner each night for fresh yummy bread. Now if I can just lay off the honey and butter I slather all over it…

  15. The Pothiers lived two houses down from me growing up in Mesa; Marva was probably my FAVORITE YWs leader. I really enjoy your blog. That aside, I am a big proponent of whole grain eating. We do nothing but w-wheat pasta here (Target brand thin whole grain spaghetti is really good). There is a cookbook written by a local woman here in Minneapolis: "The New Whole Grains Cookbook" by Robin Asbell. Some great recipes that expand to different grains–such as millet, teff, oat, etc. She really explains how whole grain cooking works. Also, for baking try the King Arthur Flour "Whole Grain Baking." I buy soft white wheat berries and mill them into w-wheat pastry flour and always use half w-w in any muffins, etc. I bake. You can also buy Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour rather than mill it.

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