Back in the beginning of December Grace took a nice friend she’s known forever to winter formal.

They had a great time.  I think these dances are extra satisfying for Grace because she does a ton of work to set up and decorate the front hall in preparation. 

Satisfying and also tiring!

As a side-note, I was the photographer for the group again and the lighting was a little tricky this time around.  Most of the boys in the group had a volleyball tournament until six so it was dark by the time they were ready for pictures. 

We set up the backdrop inside and got what we could get.

 They worked fine but sure made me appreciate natural light.

 …and also made me want so much to try inside lighting boxes.
…some day I will!
But for now let’s just take a look at these cute kids.

(not sure why they wanted to do that last one, but they did)

 The boys:

Kind of funny to see what we were up against without cropping and white balance adjusting…

This was where they were:

 But this next one looks a little better right? 🙂

We took one more of the whole group before they sped off for dinner.

And then Claire and I went to try out some lighting my friend has just for fun…

Loved it.  Studio lighting is so cool.

But that’s a tangent. 

These guys had a great night and then came back here to decorate gingerbread houses.

 I think I’m getting old because man I was tired!

And there you go, Grace’s third dance all wrapped up.
There’s yet another girls’ choice dance coming up in a month or so…and although everyone is asking again already, Grace is taking a little breath before she goes for the next round 🙂


  1. I love how your kids have such a great network of friends! I have three little girls and I worry about them as teenagers on the dating scene. How do you encourage your girls to date and be friends with lots of different guys instead of focusing on just one? I'd love for my girls to date around and not become too close to one "boyfriend" in high school. Do you have certain rules for dating, or just encourage them in making wise and safe choices so that these boys are always on the right path to serve missions?

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