Wow, all I can say is that was a lot of hair help!

All this funny business about hair started when Dave claimed one morning when we were getting ready that he thought he’d go ahead and grow his hair out again. He was sick of the same old shorter hairdo.

I rolled my eyes with a smile and told him I like it shorter.

So we joked back and forth about it for a few days and then somehow we found ourselves in the new “Mission Impossible” movie at the tail end of Christmas break.

Tom Cruise has his hair on the longer side in that movie and I kept thinking “hmmm, definitely not my favorite hairdo.” And the funny thing is that when we emerged from the movie, Dave told me that was the hair look he was going for.

“Yeah, let’s keep it short,” I said.

So that’s when we decided maybe we should get a third-party opinion. And that’s how we landed with all those comments reconfirming my opinion :).

Now, there were (mixed in among the masses of “short hair” opinions) some nice ones about the long, and I told Dave he should just do it anyway if that’s what he really wants. The bottom line is that he looks handsome no matter what, right?

But I think it’s safe to say he’s heading to the barber today. He’s a good sport.


  1. Wow, you are right. That is a LOT of hair comments!
    My husband has a full head of hair and we usually keep it pretty short. I finally convinced him that gel will do wonders with taking away the fuzzy look. And I think I'm finally prepared for his Halloween look… We are going to shave male pattern baldness on his head! I'm so scared. 🙂
    P.S. Your blog continues to be my VERY favorite! Thanks for writing.

  2. I know this is past due on getting an opinion but I have to pipe in because I ALWAYS pick longer. My 3 boys all have long hair. I always prefer it. Always. HOWEVER, your husband looks better with short. Not super short, just short.

    Maybe next you can do a post to see how people think I should do MY hair. =)

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