We had our Young Women progressive dinner this week.

Yep, in the midst of the girls’ finals and the Christmas craziness we got together and had a great time. I think all but three of the 31 girls made it.

I never made it to the house with the appetizers because the main course was here:
Those are some of the Laurels above, and a few of the Mia Maids are below.
This was the Beehive table:
Some of the great leaders above.

The Laurels found a super comfy spot:
(Poor girls in their pretty dresses sitting on the floor…)

But they found a much better spot at the next house where we had dessert.
Are they cute or what?

At the end we had a little program.
We centered it around the symbol of the Christmas star and how it’s brilliance led the shepherds to the Savior.

We talked about how we all have our own “stars” in life to lead us back to the Savior…the gospel, scriptures, families who care, etc. And we talked about how these girls can be “stars” to others as they let their examples shine out like that Christmas star so long ago (which they do…they are amazing).

A member of our bishopric brought the most beautiful canvases to share…one of the Star shining against the dark skies surrounding it, and another of the Christ child with Mary. I wish I had taken pictures of those pictures. He did such a great job talking about that Christmas star.

At the end we all sang Silent Night together in the soft glow of the Christmas lights.

Have I mentioned how much I love these girls and the leaders I get to work with??
I do.

They have already become some of the “stars” in my life.

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  1. Just wanted to share a Christmas tradition that we do with you.

    We always decorate sugar cookies together on christmas eve to leave for Santa. The kids love it and pick out their best ones to give him.

  2. So fun! Cute girls. I have been the YW president in my ward for a year now and we also did a progressive dinner when we first got called. I think the girls just love it and it helps to boost the connection with them. They love to come to our homes.
    Cute spiritual message! I'm sure the girls love you. You are such a great example to them!

    BTW, I'm good friends with Marie G. She has lived across the street from me for last 9 years…until their recent move. 🙁
    Anyway, sounds like you guys had fun on your recent girls trip.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. that's ambitious! but a beautiful idea. i love the Christmas star analogy you used to pull it all together. oh, and i meant to tell you before that one fun activity for the kids to bring friends to is a "minute to win it" night – google games and the kids can do most of it on thier own.

  4. You are trully amazing! Now, a few posts back you mentioned that you taught your kids how to make cookies to perfection. Please share some of your tips and recipes! Please! Please! Please! Thanks!

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