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Wednesday Wars

by Shawni
Last week Lu and I snuggled up on her bed and finished Wednesday Wars.

It was such a good book about an awesome 7th grader who attends junior high in Long Island during the Vietnam War era America.  I love how the effects of the war are woven into the lives of the characters.  We loved the personalities that emerged as we read, the development of relationships, the descriptions of everything from the sky to the humorous random side notes, to the Shakespeare references to the sad disappointments and the tough victories. THANK YOU for the recommendation that came from a blog reader here. (and you can find it HERE)

It takes us a long time for us to read books these days, so many distractions, but Lu and I both loved pointing out the most beautiful parts and we both got teary over and over as we read.

I hope we will keep how we felt that evening in our hearts, lying on her bed when we were done, talking about all our favorite parts.


annie April 23, 2019 - 12:01 pm

You should read "Okay for Now" also by Gary D. Schmidt. I like it even better than the Wednesday Wars.

Shawni April 26, 2019 - 3:14 pm

We have read that one and for some reason I didn't love it as much…maybe I need to try it again!

Emily April 23, 2019 - 4:40 pm

I've enjoyed your blog for a long time, but never commented. Just had to recommend "Okay, for now" by the same author. Several different members of my family loved that book. Made us laugh and cry.

Shawni April 26, 2019 - 3:14 pm

Ok I really need to try it again! 🙂

Maureen April 24, 2019 - 3:44 am

Hi Shawni,

Here are a few of the books my kids and I LOVED when they were Lucy's age:

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt
Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool
Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper
Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of 4 Sisters, 2 Rabbits and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall.

Enjoy these days…I miss our readalouds now that my kids are almost grown and flown.

Shawni April 26, 2019 - 3:14 pm

Thanks for all the great recommendations!

Punk April 24, 2019 - 12:25 pm

Hi… I just came across some news announcements that LEGO now makes Braille Blocks. I thought that was interesting.

Shawni April 26, 2019 - 3:16 pm

Oh that is so awesome! Just looked it up, gives me hope that Lu can love those things forever. Thanks for letting me know 🙂


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