Deliberate Motherhood

Motherhood. The greatest adventure of all time. It’s about connection and sacrifice. Being there and letting go all at the same time. I’m here to help you find joy in the journey, be more intentional in your parenting, make memories, be present with your family, and get inspired to do this motherhood gig better.

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71 Toes began in 2007 as a way to keep a record of family life… since then it has become a way to share parenting ideas and promote the joy of motherhood.

In The ARENA with the Eyre sisterS

Tune in with me and my sisters as we discuss parenting journeys. We talk about being raised by “parenting experts” in an eccentric family with nine kids. We also talk about how this intersects with the way we are raising our own children. Between the four of us we have 18 children ages 2-26, empty-nests to the trenches of toddlerhood and everything in between. Come join us “In the Arena!”

Looking for some secrets to make being a mom more fun and rewarding?

I wrote A Mother’s Book of Secrets with my own extraordinary mother, Linda Eyre (mother of nine). It’s a book filled with tips for making motherhood memorable, meaningful, and magnificent at all stages.

With our combined perspectives we want to share this gentle reminder that those seemingly endless trenches of motherhood will be gone before you know it! I’ll let you in on one little secret now — kids are like puzzles, you just have to figure them out!

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If you’re looking for parenting ideas to offer light in the trenches, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk deep about how to parent, how to nurture, how to grow and how to raise strong, independent kids who will thrive. I’m so grateful for the community here at 71 Toes that has taught me so much through comments and questions. We’re all in this together!


Motherhood is the ultimate adventure filled with the lowest lows and the highest highs as we raise human souls. I hope that visiting 71 Toes will give fellow mothers a reminder that there is so much joy in the journey! Let’s never forget that mothers have incredible power to change the trajectory of a family. It is the “job for which all others exist.” (C.S. Lewis)


Our beliefs provide a foundation for everything we do. Letting faith be a guiding influence in your parenting and motherhood journey will provide direction and hope as you raise strong kids and relationships. I’m here to share what inspires me but I love all the unique perspectives that I’ve gained from YOU through the years. There is beauty in being able to lift each other from afar.