Our friends gave us the best little contraption for Christmas.  Someone brought it to Lake Powell last year and the kids loved it, so they figured it would be a great gift.

And they were right.

It’s also a great way to make a really yummy macro-friendly breakfast.

So I’m sharing.

You put the bottom half of an English muffin in the bottom with whatever meat or cheese you desire.
Claire just closed that part in in this pic:

Then you close the first little flap and scramble up a little egg in there with seasoning.

Put the top of the English muffin right on top of that raw egg, close the lid, set the timer for four minutes and voila, you have a little egg breakfast sandwich packed with good protein.
Click HERE for more info.  That’s an affiliate link, I think I’m supposed to mention that.  But I’m really not trying to advertise, just share this little thing that has simplified and spiffed up our breakfast ideas over here :).


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