One of Elle’s friends got married a few weeks ago.  And she really, really wanted Elle and her roommate (all good friends in high school) to be two of her bridesmaids.  But, very unfortunately, Hawaii isn’t just around the corner.
So after much ado trying to find a good flight she could afford on her meager salary, Elle made it work to be here. (And her roommate did too.)
We weren’t too sad about that 🙂

It was s really quick visit, but we managed time for a few things.  A little tour of her old stomping grounds with her little sister as a tour guide:

…Lucked out to be here to watch part of one of Claire’s volleyball tournaments:

…Had a bleach spot on her dress she was wearing to be a bridesmaid, which Dave took care of lickety-split with a Sharpie:

 …look at that…good as new, right?

(Claire was pretty pleased-as-punch to have her sister there.)

All of us moms were pretty ecstatic to have our girls with us:

Elle and Meg (one on each end) have been Hawaii roommates for a long time and the one in the middle lives around here and it was a grand reunion for all…mothers included.

These little sisters were pretty delighted to have their big sisters home too:

 They held a ring ceremony after the temple wedding:

Aw…sisters.  Nothing better.

Elle was able to stop by real quick and catch a little tennis with her sisters before her flight home:

…same coach as she had a few years ago, all reunited.

It was a quick trip but we’ll take what we can get.

Love all around.


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