Our friends kids are getting married like it’s going out of style!  
Ha!  We’re not wholly in the thick of it yet, but some of our very best friends have had kids get married and it’s freaking me out a little.
We have these good friends from college days who’s first daughter got married a couple years ago in California, and we sadly had to miss it for one reason or another (I think it was when Max was leaving on his mission), so we made it a point to get to this next daughter’s big day.

We decided to bring Grace along on our little date since she is such great friends with their younger daughter and we needed a little “Grace time.”

We arrived just in time for the “fiesta” party the night before…I should have taken more pics, but I was too worried about eating guacamole and tacos 🙂
But the next day was really incredible.
This great couple was sealed in the Newport Beach Temple.  We have hung out by that beauty before, but hadn’t been inside so that was a treat, but the actual ceremony was one of the most beautiful I’ve heard.  Maybe just because it was just what I needed to hear right at that moment, and maybe because we were all crammed in a tiny little sealing room filled with so much love, but it was one of my favorites.
So great to get caught up with all these great folks there too! 

 Loved that Grace got to be part of it all:

 This is Elle’s good friend…so we had to take lots of pics for her too 🙂

I wish I had taken a better picture of this beautiful venue where they had the celebration that night (too worried about the sugar cookies this time 🙂  But this gives an idea:

Also this wall:

Aren’t all those hexagons cool?  Our friend Del (the dad) made them…he can make pretty much anything.  (Wish I had that talent!)  We got to bring home a portion for Grace’s room, which we are working on putting together this summer.

Love these sweet girls.

 Our friend Mike was the DJ and he sure did make it fun.

Some of the college boys reunited, so grateful for their friendships and how they’ve lasted so well weathered through the years.

 And here’s Grace with her friend (the younger sister):

We flew back on Mother’s Day morning:

…just in time to appreciate all the cute things they did to do Mother’s Day right. (all about that back HERE).

Although I feel like we’re far away from weddings of our own, we are gradually getting closer, and stuff like this sure makes you think!


  1. Thanks for sharing Shawni, don't get too comfortable though, it will be your turn before you know it. Max and Elle are both so cute and exceptional I am sure they will be snatched up sooner than you think. It comes and goes so fast, but when they marry in the Temple, it's extra special and so worth whatever it takes.

  2. When this began happening to my husband and I (about 20 years ago), I kept saying "We need younger friends!" — even though our kids were getting married, too.

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