With the Turkey Trot right around the corner, (like in a couple hours…yikes, I meant to post this earlier!) so many people have asked how they can help in the cause for Families Fighting Blindness. 

And I thought of a little thing. 

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but since it’s also time to start thinking about Christmas shopping, did you know you can link your Amazon account up to something called “AmazonSmile“?  This doesn’t cost you anything, but it’s a way Amazon “gives back” by donating a portion of what you buy to the charity of your choice. 

And, since I know lots of Christmas shopping goes on around this time of year, I’d love to request that any blog readers interested link up your Amazon account to the Bardet Biedl Syndrome Foundation charity.

Such a simple and easy way to help! Just go to smile.amazon.com to get signed up, and then order from there rather than the regular Amazon site.

THANK YOU so much for the kind offers and willingness to help!

We are excited for another big day tomorrow!

Lots more gratitude thoughts coming…I LOVE THANKSGIVING!

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