In our religion, kids are encouraged to wait until they’re 16 for dating.
And I love that advice for many reasons, but I remembered one reason poignantly last week: it makes all that dating hoopla so fun to look forward to.

So one of our newly sixteen-year-old’s best friends invited her out on a fun date last week.

She had the greatest time.

Then a few days later she got asked by another cute boy to Homecoming.

Her first big dance.

We are all pretty excited around here.  Even Bo was so fascinated with all the excitement in the air.

Let’s get a better look at that cute way this kid asked:

(They have an inside joke with pears because Grace used to bring them every day to a class they had together last year 😉

This girl is prepared.  She’s already trying on dresses and sending me pictures of earring options.

She and Elle asked Elle’s friend if she had any possible dresses to borrow and she came over with a whole slew of gorgeousness, each one looked so great on Grace.

This is gonna be fun.


  1. Oooh seriously how fun.
    Ok.. let's chat and anyone can join in lol.. what's the difference between ' hanging out' & dating with a group of kids. Is it just dating when someone specifically asks the other person to go on a date? Our ward had a little fireside about it and even they didn't seem to agree with each other. Did you allow your 14& 15 yrs old to say go hang out and watch a movie at someone's house or go the movies as a group befire 16.. just interested on how others handle this

    1. Hello! In my opinion, "dating" is when a boy asks a girl out, and they are paired up. Hanging out with a boy/girl group is just hanging out as far as I'm concerned.

    2. I just realized I didn't answer your specific question. Yes, we have allowed 14 and 15 year olds to hang out in big groups. We know most of the kids and I think those groups are a good training ground for dating.

      And btw, thank you for your always kind and sweet comments. You're the best!

  2. I don't think pears have any special significance except it sounds like pair. Couple.

    Dates were it was couples only was age 16 for us. Nothing to do with religion. Mom wanted us to be able to drive away from any dangers. Look old enough to handle ourselves if we had to leave a date. Old enough to call if someone driving drank and not be more worried we would get in trouble. Old enough to handle proper job, old enough to date.

  3. So exciting! This is such a very fun time in life!! Love your blog and your family! 🙂 Been a fan for years. Can you tell me, how do your girls keep their skin looking so perfect, clean, smooth, and acne free? Is this editing of pictures or real? It looks real! No blemishes whatsoever!! Just curious because my daughter is entering the world of the tweens and getting some pimples. I'd love to know what their face care regimen is and how you all keep such great skin! Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Oh you're sweet to say that, especially since Elle and I were JUST trying to figure out how to quiet down her break-outs. Max struggled with that too. We've tried so many different face washes and even prescriptions, and sometimes nothing seems to work! Proactive has worked on and off but most often they probably use Neutrogena. I don't edit the pictures (aside from color adjustment), but maybe the right lighting helps their skin to look better than it is 🙂 I must say, Grace was blessed with pretty amazing skin and rarely has any break-outs, lucky girl!

    2. Just chiming in with a suggestion. Two of our sons struggled with acne. The older one we ended up putting on Accutane after trying just about everything else. It worked for him but it is SO expensive and our insurance is garbage now. We just got the Neutrogena Light Mask for our 15 year old and so far I'm impressed! We're hoping it continues to work for him. He also uses Tea Tree Oil and that helps too. Just an idea.

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