I love Lucy’s artwork.

I honestly cannot get enough of it.

Especially since it has gone from just coloring the whole page black with her fist clenched tight around her marker to going hog-wild on what I like to call “ABC art:”

I love how she labeled her birthday party thank-you notes:
(Especially the “E”s)

And I love that she has started to ask how to spell certain words:

…and that she can do SMILEY FACES:

Lately she has started a series of “dot” drawings.I’ve always been endeared to my childrens’ artwork (I think every mother is). In fact, I wrote up a little poem about it that I stuck in back here.

But as Lucy makes progress there is just something extra in my appreciation of it. It makes me so happy following her only-black stage…that one made me worry just a tad.

As far as Grace’s “art” goes, she mostly makes it on the computer with wordle.net these days:

…and she spent many thoughtful hours doing all this stuff for her friend for her birthday a couple weeks ago:

Here’s a drawing Claire left on my pillow when I had to leave town last week: (how’s that for heart-melter?)

…and I love this one she drew of our Fall Break trip a couple weeks back:
But I have to say the one that still think about is back here.

I adore to see the evolution or art and how it helps express how those little minds work.

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  1. Hi, this has nothing to do with kids artwork which is absolutely the best. I loved the stage where they draw people with arms and legs coming out of the head. 🙂

    I cannot seem to find an email address on your blog to ask for info about buying a temple print or canvas, so I thought I would ask here. My email is crayz2sew at earthlink dot net. Thanks!

  2. My daughter has really shaky hands (It's called ataxic movement) so I was over joyed when she drew a picture of herself in her wheelchair back in July. I treasure it dearly. I haven't put it in a frame yet but it is going on my wall someday.
    It was such a huge thing for me to see how she sees herself and how hard she worked on that picture. She was so persisent. I posted the link if you want to see it.

  3. Hey! My name is Amanda Anderson. I am Stacey MacLeans sister who is friends with Kristin Duke. We also grew up with Aja Fegert. I heard about you through my sister and I wanted to know if you had an email address I can email you to. My son is 2 and has a retina degenerative disorder and although its very different from what Lucy has, I wanted to ask you a few questions. My email is mamajar02@yahoo.com. Thanks so much. That little Lucy of yours is simply adorable.

  4. Every picture is a heart-melter! Children's art says so much about the child. I can see every child in their cute ways of artistically expressing themselves!

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