I know no one’s kids are perfect.  And mine are certainly no exception.  There are sullen eye rolls and complaining and sibling rivalry is sure alive and well over here.

BUT, I have to say that Claire made me overcome with gratitude this last weekend.  Can you see the halo above her head? πŸ™‚

It was Lucy’s very first ever girls camp.

Lu was SO excited for that big deal she could hardly stand it.  And I was excited for her.

But I was also worried.  Actually kind of sick with worry.

Lucy can be a wildcard emotionally and the things she can keep up with other girls her age with are dwindling rapidly.  She can’t see well enough to hike or even maneuver easy trails, she doesn’t do well on little sleep, there are many self-care things she needs help with, and there was a potential for so much to go wrong.  Her sweet girls camp/church leaders were feeling the worry right along with me, trying to figure out the most positive experience for everyone.

But do you know what happened?  Claire stepped in to save the day.  One of the leaders had the idea to have them tent together (they went to a place where there were only two to a tent), and Claire quickly agreed.

At first Lucy said no.  She wanted to be with the girls her age (understandably).  But one night when they were laying on the floor playing with Bo they both suddenly popped up with huge smiles on their faces and told me they were going to share a tent.

And they did.

Claire had that little sister of hers under her wing the whole time (much more than just being a tent mate…)

I was pretty apprehensive to drop them off bright and early at 6:00am last Wednesday.  Oh we had so many talks leading up to that day, me and Claire and me and Lu…so many things to go over.  So many things to prepare for.

But they marched right in all aglow.

…and never looked back.

(Claire even followed through on my request that she take some pictures for me.  Love her! πŸ™‚

I got glowing reports from leaders when they had cell reception…just checking in.

And I was just so overwhelmed with the power of sibling love.

And friend and leader love too.

It was appropriate that the theme of camp was love.

Because I think the love was thick up there.  So thick that it spilled down to the valley to me and Dave, so grateful for that mother-hen big sister and sweet friends and so many leaders who put in so much work to make it great for all those girls. 

The girls came home with so much light and goodness that happened up in those desert mountains.

Girls camp is the best.


  1. This made me tear up. I too experience fear and consuming thoughts when my son with special needs enters into unknown situations. I also know that appreciation that comes when someone loves your child in a sacrificial way. So glad this came in the form of your sweet daughter.

  2. Thank you for celebrating your daughters. So many times people get caught up in and celebrate Grades or awards only…and not celebrating what really matters…kindness. Kuddos to Claire for offering it and Lucy for accepting it.

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