School starts this morning.
So I’m going back to my “happy place” to cope with that bit of bad news.
Don’t get me wrong, a little schedule never hurt anybody.
…except if their family has been eeking out the last of the summer freedom up past midnight with friends every night for the last week.
Then it hurts a little bit when those alarm clocks go off.
We’re all going to be going through summer withdrawals, so let’s just go back to Bear Lake to take our minds off all this school business for a minute.
When the light is just right and the water is smooth as a mirror, those of us who can sneak away can’t help but run catch the last bit of goldenness on the lake.  

We call it “skiing on the gold,” and it is magical.
We had my two-year-old nephew take this one:

Yes, dear children, that is your mother.  I want you to remember that I do get my hair wet and love to ski even though you weren’t with me this golden night.

My brother took the boat to the dock for the night but we could hardly tear ourselves away as the sky continued to change and fill with richer and deeper colors.

 My sister and her fiance had to enjoy it a little bit on their own 🙂

Oh man I love that place and it was so good to us this year.
But I’m off to face reality and whip myself into schedule shape.
Happy first day of school for all those who live in school districts crazy enough to begin all this hoopla in the beginning of August!


  1. I'm dreading my son going back to school and he doesn't start until the 25th, it makes it feel like summer is over even though it's still blazin' hot outside! I hope we get to see first day of school pics. I love those 🙂 Those skiing pictures are awesome. I love glass water!

  2. those pictures are DREAMY. I want to hang every one of them up on my walls. looks like a fun adventure and good luck with school schedules starting up again!

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