My fourth child is fifteen.  
Sometimes I feel like I’m in the twilight zone with all these kids turning into young adults like wildfire. It’s just plain weird.  Good and sad and exciting all wrapped up together.  I just want to hold tight as this girl inches up to match her eyes up with me.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213222
(she is growing like a weed)

I wrote all about the fifteen things I adore about her back HERE, but here’s what we did on the big day.

Lu assigned herself to the candy bar poster duty and got this all prepped to give to her sister on the big day:

Let’s get a better look at that, because I think she did a pretty fabulous job.

We made our family’s most often requested birthday/special occasion breakfast: ocean pancakes.  Here they are after they were all shrunken down:

And the recipe is back HERE, for those who will ask 🙂

I think I’ve finally succeeded in teaching myself to like that stuff after all these years.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

We did our traditional present-giving and giant hugs over breakfast:


(love how Grace wrapped hers)


Our neighbors are the BEST birthday celebrators in all the land.  Check out what they left on the front porch:

Claire’s friends all gathered over here after that…

They went out to lunch and I was the driver…which meant I took a few pictures too…

2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213184
Grace and her friends are some of Claire’s closest friends as well.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213232
Boy she is going to miss them lots and lots next year! 🙁
We, of course, had cake.  Elle FaceTimed just in time to join in the festivities.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213239
These girls were distracted by that Hawaii sister a little bit!
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213247
And then we blew out candles.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213252
Our favorite birthday cake recipe is back HERE.
A bunch of friends came over to help celebrate that night…
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213254
We sure love this girl of ours.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213264
Forever and always.
2019 01 21 Claire s birthday 213273


  1. It's so fun to celebrate our lovelies! It's so amazing to see the love and support that surrounds her. Happy birthday, Claire! Just keep celebrating. You're only 15 once! My oldest daughter is 15, too. What a fun age.
    Thanks for the cake recipe, too. I'm going to try that.
    Would you please post the recipe for your wonderful bread, too.

  2. claire has always been so adorable, but she is growing up and is GORGEOUS!!!! (just like her sisters and mom) glad she had a happy birthday!!!

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