It’s General Conference weekend, and I’m loving this one more than ever before.  
So many of these talks are speaking right to my soul.  

So I just wanted to share the link during this quick singing break if anyone wants to tune in to the end.  All the talks are HERE.

Elder Eyring’s at the Women’s meeting spoke right to me, I loved it so much.  It is HERE.

A couple that stood out so much yesterday were Gary Sabin, who talked about “standing up on the inside” (you can listen HERE), and Valeri Cordon who talked about the “language of the gospel” (HERE).

And today I loved them all again, but man alive,  Yoon Hwan Choi’s words about “Look Up” were so beautiful (HERE), and Elder Palmer’s talk sure spoke to me.  Makes me want to delve into the scriptures so much more intentionally, and to remember to think about Jesus “beholding” us, and “loving” us no matter what we do, and how we should do the same for others. (That one’s not up on the site yet.)

Only one talk left, but you can listen to it all over HERE.

How grateful I am for all these inspired words that are answering so many of my prayers, helping me feel more guided in next steps, and helping me connect to Heaven in such a beautiful and compelling way.

Enjoy, and happy conference Sunday!


    1. On Sunday they do. On Saturday not so much. They didn't used to do this, but over they years they have become pretty good at listening (or sleeping, ha!) right by us during conference. We try to make it pretty exciting with Conference bingo and coloring and all that stuff you can print out from pinterest which helps a lot.

    2. I think I need to do colouring during conference.:)

      I often have a hard time getting a connection & when I do I find it so hard to concentrate.

      The best idea I've read of & actually printed from The Friend is a list of names, such as the Saviour, & every time that word/name is mentioned you get a sweet. Just right for me:)

      Even tho I do enjoy conference, I'd love to know if other adults have a hard time concentrating too.

    3. Julie, I had the worst time concentrating and would usually end up falling asleep, but a few years I discovered that if I take notes, it's much easier to pay attention and I don't struggle (as much!) with trying to stay awake. Last year I started Conference Cash with my kids, where they get "paid" for each talk that they take notes on (or sit quietly for my little ones) and then at the end of conference, they get to "buy" some treats and little toys. My kids love it so much and the older two do a great job of listening and taking notes now. The younger two are 5, so they don't have the attention span to last the whole time, but they still get excited about Conference now. 🙂
      Sorry, that was way more than you asked for! 🙂

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