I’m taking a little experimental “blogging vacation” this week, and man alive am I ever getting a bunch done! Although I’m not recording our “happenings” in written form I sure am enjoying being in the middle of them. More on that when I come back next week.

In the meantime though, I wanted to mention two time-sensitive things:

1) My friend’s son is opening a new office this weekend and has very kindly offered to donate half of the proceeds to the Foundation Fighting Blindness to help fight retinitis pigmentosa (the kind of vision loss Lu is dealing with). We are so grateful for their thoughtful contribution! Click here for details.

2) Power of Moms is gearing up for some more awesome retreats. I’m excited for the one I will be attending (and presenting at) in a couple weeks. Unfortunately this one is completely sold out, but they are doing another almost identical one in May. Click here for more details.

Have a wonderful week!
Love, Shawni


  1. Oh good, you blogged! I just said to a friend of mine I miss the little "boost" I get from reading your blog each day. I really find it inspiring and my little connection to the outside world while I'm home with my little ones. Thanks for all you do, and good for you for taking a blog vacation to be amongst your daily family happenings. That's the most important thing, even if I do miss it.

  2. Shawni, I've just gotta say that I am in love with your blog. I stumbled upon your blog by a mutual blogger's site and as soon as I started reading, I literally couldn't stop. I spent about a month just reading your blog hour after hour until I had read the whole thing. (Up until your very first blog posting!)

    Now, I have to say what an inspirational person you truly are. I don't even KNOW you, but I am inspired by you, how you wake up early every morning to workout, how you try to make the best experiences for your family, and your fight for a cure for Lucy. I literally got sucked into finding more and more about your family. You seem like wonderful people and you are blessed to have the experiences and opportunities you have.

    I am only a Freshman in college, but I LOVE reading about your parenting advice. I really am looking forward to having a family of my own someday, and you make me realize how important family actually is. You put your family above anything else, and that is what matters the most.

    I've also been praying for Lucy. After I read her story, I told all of my friends and family about her and what a sad story it is. But, although it is sad, I believe that God has placed Lucy with you guys because He knew that you would give her the proper guidance and help that she needs.

    Sorry if this sounds a little weird, but I just wanted to say that you are truly inspirational. Thank you for blogging! 🙂

  3. I am so excited that you are going to be at the retreat next weekend. I so need this retreat. I already know that I am going to leave feeling inspired. See you there.-Jani

  4. I've been following your blog since I found it through Saren and am so excited to meet you at the retreat soon.

    BTW – Lucy is just adorable and every picture makes my heart melt 🙂

  5. We have several mutual friends and I've been a silent follower for a long time. I love your blog, it's so inspiring. My brother has RP and it's a very difficult thing I know!! I'm so impressed with all of the awareness that you are bringing to others about it. I have told my sis-in-law about your blog, as she is the one to deal with my brothers RP directly and will be for the rest of her life. She is now a follower of your blog as well and has fallen in love with your little Lucy too. Thanks for all the info. you put out on RP and thanks on behalf of my family for all people helping out in the research…We are so hopeful in a cure!!!

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