So the end of our spring break trip looked like this:It was so beautiful we all decided we wanted to live where it snows.
…Until our car got stuck three times and we quickly reconsidered.
But still, wow, snow is pretty.
I wanted to stay all day long and take family pictures.
But Dave gave me a serious eye-roll on that one. So before we left town we headed to my favorite stomping grounds from high school days for a burger.Let’s take note here that Elle is the only one in our family who finds brushing her hair useful.
Claire on the other hand, does not believe in brushes.
She does, however, believe in posing for pictures, which I’ll take with or without the hair brush.

One of my favorite things was that we got to make a stop at Temple Square.

Our trips to Utah are generally so jam-packed with family and friends that we don’t often find time for this little adventure, but Dave and I made it a priority this trip.

We were married at this temple and it’s got a soft spot in our hearts.

To us it symbolizes that we get to be together with our family forever.
Except someone’s missing in that last one…
…oh, there she is (and I think she needs to take picture-posing-lessons from Claire).

We took a little tour of the Conference Center where General Conference will be taking place this very weekend.
(Again, let’s take note of the great picture-posing and not the messy hair. Max looks super excited about that one, don’t you think?)

That place can hold 21,000 people and it gets packed all up during conference.
My friend we all adore came to meet us.Max spent a while pondering his future wife.
(You know I kid about that one, right?)
Then we headed back to the heat. Did you know it is going to reach almost 100 degrees this weekend…not sure I’m ready for that!


  1. What beautiful pictures of your family and the Temple 🙂

    I am really excited for Conference this weekend….my soul is in great need of comfort and peace.

    I hope you have a great weekend in such wonderful weather. (I am glad we will have yucky weather, that way I won't feel bad about not doing yard work….might just be a blessing from the Lord)


  2. How can there only be TWO comments after those beautiful pictures of the temple? Beautiful family, beautiful setting, BEAUTIFUL mother! Great job Shawnie! ~Laura

  3. Hi.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You take amazing pictures. The snow pictures are georgous. I live in NY and we have been seeing alot of scenes like those. Right now i wish we had tempertures close to 100 degrees (like 20 degrees below 100 degrees close).

    Laura Lee

  4. Yea, I started to laugh when you said you wanted to move to where it snows. I felt that way too (way back when). After 17 years in Colorado, I would happily move to Arizona where it's 100 degrees right now. Seriously, I would rather have the weather be 100 degrees than lightly snow. Even though we've been here for 17 years, I'm definitely a warm weather gal. I didn't, however, grow up here in Colorado, I'm a San Diego/Hawaii gal.

  5. By the way…I'm just curious, does Lucy ever wear pants? I find it so adorable that she is always in a dress or a skirt and wouldn't be caught without her pink pearls or "L" initial necklace. She's a girly girl.

  6. Love the light in those snow pictures! Your temple is strikingly beautiful, what a gorgeous place to get married. I second what Susan said about the snow…although I would miss autumn…but oh, 100 degrees (with a pool) sounds awesome…still 40 degrees here!

  7. I am certain you and I know some of the same people (you know the Mormon/SLC world is a small one!) I went to Olympus and graduated in '89. Hires is one of my favorite stomping grounds too and we also got married in the SLC temple :). Are you and your Mom speaking at women's conference?

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your sweet family and the photos of the temple/conference centre. I have never been there, but hope to go someday:)

  9. this is such a small world. I have followed your blog for awhile, and always feel so uplifted when i do.. and today i realised you are related to Jonah! We were in the same mission! Actually, i was in the deaf programme, but we were in London the same time. we was a sweetheart! Yeah for the blogging world!

  10. Shawni – I don't comment often. But I LOVE your take on life. You really are such a happy inspiring person. Thank you. And that pic of Elle with her pigtails flying? Ought to be in a magazine. I love all your photos. But that is now one of my favorites!

  11. Oh wow, it took me a minute to realize that was your oldest daughter in the snow. She looks so beautiful (and older!) in that one. 🙂 The snow IS so pretty.

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