When my Mom and I published our book a few years ago it was a rush to see my name printed there on a real, live book (more about that book back HERE and ordering info. on my sidebar…I’m just gonna say, I’m thinking it would make a nice Mother’s Day gift 🙂

I received another rush the other day when I received this book in the mail:

My friend Whitney has quite a knack to help people figure out and realize their dreams.  She was such an encouragement when we got Lucy’s diagnosis and helped get the “I Love Lucy Project” going.  She has helped countless people realize their potential and push for their dreams, whether they are pies in the sky or whether they are “tweaking” those dreams a little (that’s what my part is about).  So she wrote a book.  And it sure looks like a good one.  Here’s my part:
Here’s a super blurry picture of the back cover to give you an idea:

Again, great Mother’s Day gift idea.  And Amazon says it has free two-day shipping…click HERE
to get that puppy ordered.

Shortly after I received that book, another one showed up on my doorstep:

The compiler of these stories requested I write something about my
mother in there a while back, and he sent me a copy to check it out: 

It makes me feel so grateful for my dear mother.  Except I wish they would have put some of her “Miss Bear Lake” pictures in there too:)
Dave is pretty proud that I’m on the back cover with Jimmer.

(I think I need to take lessons on “How to take pictures of books,” but you get the idea.)

Ok, so not to sound like a broken record, but I’m thinking, “Hey, that would be a good Mother’s Day gift too!”  Click HERE
for ordering info. on that one.

Ok, and one more idea…my sister is putting on a Motherhood Retreat this weekend in Park City.  I can’t think of a better gift to give to yourself as a mother or to another mother in your life.  These retreats really are life-changing as far as I’m concerned.  What a better way to give motherhood a little jump-start than that?  All the information about the retreat is HERE.

One last thing:  I am guest posting over HERE on my blogging friend Melissa’s blog today.  You will love all the interesting/insightful stuff she has going on over there.

Happy Mother’s Day prep!


  1. Awesome! Those look like great books, and so cool that you're in them. Love it!

    Speaking of Jimmer…did Dave hear the "Teach me how to Jimmer" song that came out last year? It was done by my brothers. If he's a Jimmer fan they have "teach me how to Jimmer" t-shirts if he and/or Max would like one…let me know. I've got the connections there. 🙂

  2. Oh those retreats are amazing. I was able to attend the Vegas one a few weeks ago and it has changed me!

    Love the "Mother's of Faith" idea…in fact I think I will order one for me, my Mom and mother-in-law 🙂

  3. I really want to go to one of those retreat…they need to do one in St. George!

    I just have to tell you how much I love your book. I LOVE being a mom, but yes it is super hard. I won your book off your friends blog a few weeks back and have really enjoyed reading a chapter or two a day to remind me to enjoy every minute I have with my kids. You and your family are amazing examples!

  4. Here I am thinking those books look so great and looking at the pictures of all the great people who contributed and right about Jimmer is my Aunt! I had no idea that she was a part of this, now I REALLY need to get that book. Thanks for the great recommendations!

  5. Congratulations! You deserve it! These books like wonderful, and you fit right in. 🙂

    I take away so much from your blog that I often talk to my husband about "Shawni" as if I know you. Thank you for the inspiration!

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