My Mom made the best soup when we there for Spring Break.  My plan was to post it today but she is unreachable in South America somewhere so I’ll post it when I get a hold of her.  In the meantime, I’m posting a link with some serious delicious-looking recipes.  It’s the annual Pillsbury bake-off and my brother-in-law’s sister (one of the sweetest people I know and an amazing chef) is a contestant.  Is that cool or what?  The picture of her recipe makes me drool.  This year they are doing public voting on recipes to get to the finals so I figured I’d give her a shout-out and see if we could send some people her way.  Here’s the link: You have to register to vote (I know, I hate that, but just be sure to uncheck those boxes so they won’t send you junk mail).  After you register you have to scroll down a for a while to get to her recipe (don’t get distracted! :), but look for “Chorizo Potato Puffy Tacos” by Melissa Stadler in Texas and vote away.  Then check out all those other awesome recipes.  Food ideas for months I tell you. Soup recipe coming…

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  1. Shawni!! You are just amazing. Thank you so very much for posting this on your blog. It completely surprised me! Ryan sent the link and told me to check it out and I was blown away. You are someone I admire for a million reasons and if I could be in the same sentence as you or on your blog, then I am a lucky/blessed girl. Thank you my friend!!!!

  2. I saw an article about this on LDS Living (I think that's where it was) and I already voted for her. Good luck Melissa! (Even if I don't know her I think it's pretty awesome).

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