I am so excited because I just figured out how to make it work for me to go to the Power of Moms Motherhood Retreat coming up in June. It involves bringing my delightful traveler Lucy along with me but I can’t wait! I just looked at the pictures on the website here…where we’ll be staying…the topics for discussion, etc. and it makes me want to transport myself there right now. If anyone wants to join me there remember that Friday (the 30th) is the deadline for the “Early Bird” rate.

Next on the items of business is that I keep getting these adds to remind me that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And what a better gift to give to that wonderful Mother in your life than a beautiful canvas from here (some people have asked where this site was again so there you go…and remember that half of the proceeds go to the I Love Lucy Project), or perhaps “A Mother’s Book of Secrets.” Hmmm. Lots of ideas. Click here for another idea I do for my Mom on Mother’s Day every year (except that my sister did it last year because I was on a trip to “Wit’s End”). I better get going on that one too.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, there is a “Run, Walk or Waddle” 5-K race coming up here in the desert hosted by the American Mother’s Association the day before Mother’s Day. I’ll be there if Max and Elle can train me to run before then! It sounds like a great cause. Click here for more info.

Ok, and last but not least…in honor of Mother’s Day my Mom and I are speaking about Motherhood at Time Out for Women this weekend in Spokane. I don’t know if it is sold out or not, but click here for more details.

Have a great day!
Love, Shawni

p.s. I LOVE the epiphanies people have added to the comments of the last post. Keep them coming!

p.s.s. I know this is a lot of clicks, but here’s a little food for thought from my good friend who chose mothering over the many other tantalizing things in life, and her thoughts about it. I love the depth of her take on Motherhood. And click here for another one she wrote that provoked me to write this post.


  1. I'd sure love to be there. No such luck! Hopefully they'll continue these and one day I can make it.

    Also, I LOVE the pictures you guys do for your mom! So personal and special. I get so tired of the same old thing. It starts to feel like one more chore. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Hey girl, are there ever going to be retreats in the midwest like in Chicago…wink wink. seriously. I would love to go but it is really far for 2 days. I am still hoping you will be here some time to take pics of my family! 🙂

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