The other night the stars aligned in such a way that I got to take three of Claire’s four siblings to support her in her handbell performance (Dave was out of town, Elle was still at tennis).

It was a little thing…an aside to the art show that they do at a local furniture shop in town every year, but Claire had stars in her eyes about it and that girl has gone to support her older siblings on soooo many things over the years they could be there to support this.  So we all loaded in the car and took off for a glorious night of handbells 😉

…until we hit traffic a block before where we were supposed to turn into the parking lot.  We were stuck…had to wait through like five red lights to finally make the turn.  I was sad because I knew they were only performing a few numbers and it was time for them to start…so close yet so far away!  And then I started fuming because why in Heaven’s name do they pick the very most crowded place with zero parking for the art show that everyone and their dog wants/needs to get to to see their child’s art displayed?  As I was complaining to the kids Grace smiled and told me I was doing a good job “not getting as mad as I usually do.” ha!

Which needless to say calmed me down.  But when we finally got to the darn parking lot those handbells were nowhere to be found and we realized we made the wrong turn.  So we ran around and finally found those cute musicians in the middle of playing “Let it Go” of all things.

I smiled at Grace.  “This is for me,” I told her with a smile.  And I did let it go.  We were there, our girl was gleaming:

…the light was golden, and we even had a photographer friend standing right next to us who took a picture of our ragamuffin group.

Sometimes even those moments of sheer frustration in motherhood and the complications of life can lead to golden moments if we’re still enough to just let it go and ENJOY.


  1. Oh I love that mothers share so much in common…the good and the frustrating! Thanks for sharing. I know exactly the feelings you expressed and I am also grateful that frustrating moments usually don't last forever with golden moments still to come.

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