I have just come back to the land of the living after finishing a big Christmas project I’ve been working my heart out on and getting my portion of the wedding invitations in the mail.  Phew!  Wedding planning during Christmas is not for the weak of heart I tell you, and sometimes I think I’m definitely weak of heart.  Ha!  But someone wrote to me yesterday and said something to the effect of “what a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays” and I’m going with that.  Two weeks from Thursday!  We are excited!

I have so much to record here, from October little things to the type of advent we are doing during family devotional starting in December, snuggled up next to the fire each morning, Bo nestled in feeling the spirit of it all right along with us.  And everything you can imagine in between, parenting woes, a surprise day off from school because of some security issues, winter formal, trying to find clothes for the wedding, trying to wrap up Christmas shopping and Christmas cards, determined to get things done so we can all enjoy the beauty of Max and Abby’s big day.
But right here and now I want to talk about “Light the World” because it’s that time again and I LOVE it.  I love the videos and the way this awesome initiative gets my heart in the right place each Christmas.

This year it’s divided into weeks, one for each week of December.

I can’t get that first week video to link…that’s just a screenshot, so go HERE to watch.

Find that and all the other ideas over HERE including this calendar you can print and put up with all kinds of good ideas…

…and it’s not in a blurry format over on that site 🙂

This week of “Light the World” encourages Lighting the World, including reaching out to help in some way in another part of the world.  (Week 2 is “light your family,” week 3 is “light your community,” and week 4 is “light your faith”.) 

As I ponder about “lighting the world” this week it’s perfect timing that my sister had her Children for Children concert benefitting the same refugees we raised funds for a couple years ago (back HERE).  Their fundraising page is over HERE if you would like an update on what is happening there and would like to donate to such a great cause.  We are also planning to sent a little care package to the friends we made over in Ecuador last Christmas (back HERE). 

Anyway, enough of this blabbing…just wanted to share #LightTheWorld for 2018 and proclaim my ongoing love for this great initiative to bring on the Christmas spirit in such a beautiful way.

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