And as long as I’m linking things from sisters, I’ve been wanting to post this link for a while. It’s something my THIRD amazing sister wrote about the house we grew up in.

Reading this post makes me so incredibly grateful for what my parents did to make that house a home. It was not a fancy home by any means, but it was a home that we all felt secure in. A home that meant a lot to each of us.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do around here…make our house a HOME. Something that is sacred for our little family. Some day this month the finishing touches will be done on our “sprucing up” project and I’ll post the before and after pictures. We haven’t really done that much, just put a lot of agonizing thought into it. (I say “we” liberally…Dave hasn’t agonized much about the decisions, just about the speed of my decision-making…which is somewhere on the spectrum between molasses and full-stop.)

Anyway, what is it that makes a house a home? I’m just thankful my parents figured it out as evidenced in this post. And I ask myself, am I doing what I can to make my future children feel as attached and in love with their home as my sister does?


  1. I think you are 100% making your house a "home" like that of your parents. for sure! you can tell by what your family wrote about you on your birthday exactly who you are as a mom! I love that! You are such a light in the darkness of this fallen world. I so admire you!

  2. Can I just tell you, I am obsessed with you. I can't wait for a new post. I love to look through old posts. I am pregnant with baby #6. I grew up in an inactive/non-member home that ended in divorce. I came home from school often to an empty house and would watch…of all things…your parents little half our show. Just me…a little kid. They were kind of my tv parents or the family I dreamt of. Anyway…I have a great family just very different from what I had wanted. The great thing is I get to be a mom with an amazing husband and try to have that dream. It's wonderful. And after all these years, I continue to be inspired by the Eyres. I feel like your parents should know me if they saw me because they are so familiar to me.
    And….I wish I had half your energy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I also love your blog Shawni! You don't know me but I always look forward to your posts. I would be interested to know how you do chores and allowance around your house. I am just getting started with it all and am not sure where to start. Sounds like you have a pretty good system going in your house. If you have any desire or time to post on this I would appreciate. Thank you for being willing to share.

  4. What makes a house a home? Well, YOU, sharing your heart and other bloggers all learning and growing from each other! I praise God for the circle of women, many who've never even met, who are on the same journey. Thanks for being willing to share your little piece of "home" with this community. Always inspriational.

  5. Had to leave a comment tonight, too. I'm a mom of five, and I check your blog EVERY day (Saren's friend, April, recommended it to me). Love what you write, and I'm inspired by it, so thanks for sharing!!

  6. I think making a house a home is all about the attitude and the spirit present inside. A welcoming, warm, relatively organized, friendly, accepting place where everyone participates…and from what I've seen of your home from your little rewards, your 'heart attacks', your family evenings…yours is all of those things.

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