I got too tired to write up some witty little thing about what we were up to this year on our cards…I figured I could say it all in pictures.

But for record-keeping sake I wanted to sum it up in a few words too.

1,387 tantrums thrown
46 pounds of “baby” to lug around
6 different doctor specialists visited
0 trips to the emergency room (don’t worry, I just knocked on wood)
1 syndrome diagnosed
3 trips to Mexico
10 reams of paper filled up with creative drawings
4 therapists we are indebted to
4 family entrepreneurial businesses started (Elle’s dance/gymnastics classes, Max’s lawn mowing, Grace’s child care and Elle’s photography)
9,495 pictures taken (that’s not including the thousands of deleted ones)
1 book published
1 half marathon run
2 new members of the family now snow-skiers
2 car wrecks
1 additional Priesthood holder
1 baptism
14 rounds of antibiotics taken
1 kid in Jr. High
4 girls in the same school
1 thankful family

We wish everyone such a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our house to yours!


  1. That is seriously the coolest Christmas card I have ever seen and read! You are one talented and clever lady. Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing your blog. I love it!

  2. I loved your Christmas card, but was disappointed that it didn't come with a newsletter. I'm glad you wrote one on here. Merry Christmas!
    p.s. that rash in your earlier post looked SO miserable!

  3. I LOVE the card and list! We can relate to a lot of that. I recently found your blog and wanted to stop in and say hi. I really love reading about your beautiful family. I was so touched by Lucy's story and will keep her and you all in my prayers.

  4. I have enjoyed following your Blog for the last couple of months..GREAT PHOTOS!!! I am planning our Christmas pictures and I am wondering what program you use to make your cards? Thanks

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