I’ve never soaked in the miracle of walking before. I took it for granted that each of my four older kids just put those little feet to use and took off walking when they turned one. It was just another wonderful stage to fall in love with as they grew. Did I think it was adorable? Yes. But did I realize it was a miracle? No.

Now I watch Lucy, (after 19 months of worrying whether she’d ever actually take the walking plunge), her chubby little feet carrying around her chubby little body, and it never fails to make me marvel. How does she do that? How do those feet balance her and any stuffed animal or doll she decides to carry around all day? I’m in awe. I’m so thankful that she figured it out, and that I can soak in this miracle this time around.

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  1. this is a yummy mushy pic! I was thinking of this from another post of yours when I was watching her walk on Friday. She is so beautiful Shawni. Oh and that Claire….. couldn’t be sweeter if she tried.

  2. Yaay for miracles! Isn’t it awesome have that realization about all of the different muscle groups, nerves, neurons, etc., involved in walking? Just like we talked about on the phone with my son’s talking – I never realized all of the little tiny babysteps involved in learning to speak until he was so painfully slow at learning it, that each step stood out at me. Really makes you appreciate our bodies and physical skills even more.

    And I’m so glad she’s walking. I’m sure that is a huge relief to you!

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