…I am SO excited about all those new recipes!  Thank you, thank you!

All those recipes (along with some delicious ideas emailed to me…can’t wait to try and share), along with a much needed haircut (after 6 months of straggles and gray hairs) and a clean-out of the car (removing half the sand of Mexico that it seems like we must have brought back with us and finding one of Lucy’s lost Sunday shoes) along with a much needed trip to Trader Joes wrapped up to make for a pretty darn great day yesterday.

(Sorry that’s old news for Instagrammers 🙂

Have I mentioned how much I love Trader Joes?  Oh man.

My sandwich today:

Let me tell you…still makes my mouth water to look at it.  I’ve been eating Wheat Thins and an apple every day for lunch all week in between meetings so that’s a serious step up.
Anyway, I stocked up on a lot of ingredients from recipes sent in and I’m so excited to try them and I promise to share when I can.  

Thanks again for all the ideas.

Here’s a totally unrelated video to end on but this is for my sister Charity.  Watch out for that cute girl in the middle…

A couple new things on the house blog BTW HERE…gearing up to get that updated more this weekend.


  1. Good Job Grace, I can't wait to see the recipes you try and even though I can only see a little bit, your hair looks great!!! (I love the home updates)

  2. Shawni, I didn't know you are on Instagram. What is your username? I'd love to follow you there. Mine is sharianderic. Oh, and that sandwich has my mouth watering!!

  3. grace looks awesome!!! i need to facetime with her to start forming our cheerleaders-of-the-eyre-family club (sorry pep club DOES NOT count). thanks for posting that for me, shawni! love you sooooo

  4. Thinking of Lucy: Just learned of a pageant that Lucy might enjoy participating in. http://www.missyoucandoit.com/
    The documentary about this amazing pageant can be purchased through itunes.
    See: Miss You Can Do It.

    Lucy is such an inspiration:it would be wonderful to publicly celebrate how beautiful and fabulous she is.

  5. Please share your favorites at Trader Joes! Now that we have one here in SLC I want to find all the good things people love there. Thanks!

  6. Completely random comment: My husband and I saw the movie "The Fall" this weekend, and so many parts of it made me think, "Shawni would love this." Weird statement considering I only "know" you through this blog, but the brilliant cinematography that takes place in India, the precious Romanian girl that reminds me so much of Lucy (and her imagination!), and the Beethoven soundtrack make this simple plot line a feast for the eyes. Lee Pace's acting is equally superb.

    Not like you have free time these days, but I thought I would recommend nonetheless! (Not really sure why it's Rated R?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO0LYcCoeJY

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