Oh boy it is hot here in the desert but we are embracing the glory of summer.

There was one night that “spoke” summer to me.  One of those nights that you miss when you’re away.  It wasn’t because anything big happened, it was just that it was new summer and that beautiful schedule freedom was just beginning to wrap it’s tentacles around our hearts.  
Lucy and her friend decided to have a lemonade stand on the corner.

That darling friend brought up the fact that it might be nice to donate the money they were earning to a “cause.”  Because she’s kind of dreamy like that.  Lucy agreed.

And the biggest “cause” she knew about was BBS.  So they decided they would earn some cash for the BBS registry.

How sweet is that?

They were diligent out there waving down cars, and came home with a cup stuffed full of cash.

I mean, look at all that!

Dave and I were proud of them and told them we’d double that money.

Yeah, summer is awesome.

We (Lucy, her darling friend and I) decided to ride bikes to Circle K.  Because that’s what kids do around here.  And Lucy never gets to experience it since she can’t ride solo.  So we set off on a little adventure on the tandem bike, her friend showing the way.
We rode through the thick, hot, pink-sunset-tinged sky and arrived there safe and sound. 

We got there just in time for Lucy to get huffy about what kind of treat she wanted (I’m not sure what I thought we were actually going to buy there…an apple?  A rice cake?  Oh man, BBS isn’t easy sometimes.)  But we emerged with peanut butter crackers clutched in her hand (yeah, I know, not great, but better than the myriads of alternatives), and hoped on our bikes to head home.

…only to find that our bike chain had somehow fallen off on the tandem.
A nice guy stopped to help us out…I am not a bike chain expert by any means, so we were grateful, and we headed out again.  
Only to have that thing fall off again.  I fixed it this time, and once again, no luck. That thing was just not staying on.
Finally, after finding a light to give us some help (it was dark by then), and the fourth fix happened to be the charm because it stayed put.
We rode home, greasy hands, hot wind playing with our hair, our shadows stretching out, changing directions in the pool of each lamp post, all three of us full of hope we’d actually make it home from our little adventure without having to walk the bikes.  
As we wheeled around the corner to HOME I exclaimed a prayer of gratitude nice and loud from all three of us, sending thanks up to Heaven for that little miracle on a hot summer night.

That’s how summer should be 🙂

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