There are some days where I feel like we are just cruising along around here.  The kids are all good, I cross off a ton on my to-do list, Dave is in town and cracking jokes, all five of us can sit down at dinner together with no fights or meltdowns. Everyone pitches in to get jobs done, maybe Lu and I even get a chance to read a little together before bed.  Oh, those are good days.  I tend to grasp onto those days and filter their goodness into other days that may not be quite so good so it feels like things can be even-steven.  I’m a pretty even-steven kind of person.
But then there are the days where it seems like everything falls apart right in front of me.  Emotions are blowing up around every corner and everything good seems to be going down the drain.  Does anyone else have days like that?  Oh boy.  
Yesterday was one of those days.  Well, last night actually.  And I’m sitting here trying to recover from all that and pick up the pieces to try again.  It’s helped me this morning to get a tough workout in and do a little meditation.  And that meditation led me into thinking about Easter coming along before we know it.
I, for one, canNOT believe that it’s April in a couple days.  
Baffles my mind.  
My goal is to read (or listen to) two books a month this year, so I’m trying to get my hustle on before April first.
I have wanted to read this book for a long time (heard it was really good), and decided it would be a good one to read before Easter:

I’m loving it so far. 

It’s a fictional story about a Roman who wins Jesus robe after his crucifixion, but there are lots of historically accurate people and places mixed in so it is really taking me back to that time and it’s so interesting.  It is HERE if you want to check it out.

I also got this awesome Easter study guide from Multiply goodness.  It is a book filled with “Easter through the eyes of those close to Jesus.”

We are already in week two, but there’s so much good information in there that I want to weave into what we study with our family.

You can order your own Easter book or find out more about it HERE.

I always love any extra insight and beauty I can get as we prepare for this holiday coming up.  This holiday I love perhaps more than any other.  The holiday that, to me, means more than any other.

I also always love any extra things that can buoy me up in the wake of a day like yesterday.  And since Easter is, in a way, a celebration of second chances…

…here I am again.

“Oh God of second chances and new beginnings, here I cam again.”
Nancy Spielgelberg

How grateful I am for those second chances.  Over and over and over again.


  1. I hate to hi jack your thread because I know you’re not advertising, gaining anything from sharing these books. I’m just hoping maybe others who have used this company or someone from the company itself will see this.
    I ordered the Christmas book download quite a way through the study but figured it would be great to do with my fam in the following years. Somehow my old email got into the process, the money went from my account but despite emails from me with the order number, I heard back from no one. It’s such a shame because this Easter one looks equally good but I’m wary to try again.
    I can’t ring easily from the Uk and I’m a disabled mom living on a limited income, I was really hoping for it to be a good investment. If anyone who can help sees this, my email is
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing the Easter study guide! I'm going to check that out.

    I love The Robe. I enjoyed another book by Lloyd C. Douglas even more: Magnificent Obsession.

    And YES, YES! We have terrible days over here too! Exercising helps. And chocolate. 🙂

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