Just an FYI that there is a pretty cool motherhood retreat coming up in Utah next weekend put on by Power of Moms. Read details about how it’s a little different from the others here. It sounds like it will e awesome! Wish I could join in but right at that moment we will be freezing our tails off up at Aspen Grove (a gorgeous place up in the mountains of Utah).

It’s lucky for us that there are not many people we’d rather freeze with than Dave’s WHOLE family (all nine kids and their kids). We’ve been looking forward to this for so long! We can’t wait.

Summer has been running along at break-neck speed so far but we are loving every minute. Elle and her friends have put their baking skills to work today:
Right now they are jabbering delightedly in the kitchen after having created this thing:(copied from here…thanks for the idea Nicole! …or maybe not since you should see the mess in my kitchen right now :).


P.S. Happy birthday to my Mother-in-Law…the best one I could ever ask for!


  1. My whole entire family (10 kids plus spouses and kids) were all at Aspen Grove last year. It was the best. My kids still ask me when we can go back. They loved all of the cousin time. Plus a vacation where all of the food is cooked for you and the only clean up required is to take your tray of dishes to the kitchen is my kind of vacation.

    Yes, it's still cold here but that just means that the mountains are still green. They're beautiful right now.

  2. We SO wanted to make the rainbow cake for Emma-Kate's Birthday.
    But I ran out of time – and energy.
    Maybe we'll just do it for fun this week – because those cute girls make it look like alot of fun!

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