The sock trick is just grabbing some socks, rolling them up in sections of hair and tying them in a knot.

Simple except that it takes some tweaking with different hair types depending on how curly you want it. Grace’s hair is SUPER thick but still does well when I put socks in when it’s still pretty damp from the tub. Claire’s super thin hair needs to be almost dry when I put the socks in to make it work.

I’m just saying, maybe don’t plan your family photo shoot the morning after the first try…you could end up with a super straggly frizz ball in place of your daughter’s head depending on the hair type.

And start with the sock next to the head and then twist the hair around it so the top of the hair gets some good curl…does that make sense? I usually do four socks per head.

There you go.

And, I’m repenting for complaining about early church.

I mean, if we didn’t have it at eight, how could we leisurely fit in two other ward conferences (stake primary stuff), serious cooking together with the girls (chicken cordon bleu and a new brownie recipe for dessert),…and basking in the fact that three of my girls suddenly love peppers. All my hard work has totally paid off.
That one back there in the back…still not a pepper lover…but it’s coming. Next we’re on to tricking them into liking brussel sprouts. (I kid about that one. Yuck.)

Lucy & Claire even had time for a “book club camp out:” We also soaked up a freshly returned Dave from a week in China. He and Max weren’t complaining about being done with church in time to “check some scores” on some significant football.

So, maybe 8 o’clock church isn’t so bad after all…until next Sunday morning when I’m sure I’ll be ready for some more grumbling...

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  1. Look at all you got done yesterday and with 1:00 church we got nothing done. I think 8 is better! Just throw socks in your hair at night and go. Love that idea! My boys might not love the socks!

  2. The sock idea is great. I'm going to try it as my older daughter hates anything done to her hair — and she needs something done with her hair. Maybe she'll do the 'ole sock head trick. Hee. Hee. As with the potty training, 4 of mine didn't potty train until after 3 1/2 years of age. I just didn't sweat it because they didn't care and I had to learn not to care. I started thinking, "Well, it's a lot easier to change a diaper 3-4 times a day than dealing with messes all over the house, going to public restrooms, etc" As with the 5th one, she potty trained at 2 1/2. It was the easiest one I had and once we started, she maybe had 1-2 puddles. She still is the driest one at night. Go figure? I'd say that Lucy won't be going to kindergarten with diapers on and even if she does, oh well. You'll worry about that when the time comes. Good luck girlie. I feel for you!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the sock info. I'm going to have to try this–one of my daughters has so much hair that it takes 36+ sponge rollers for ringlets. Four socks I can deal with.

    Brussels sprouts aren't that bad, btw. If you ever get a chance to have them cooked just the right way, they are delish! We had Thanksgiving with Jack Arute once (long, funny story) and he made brussel sprouts. I couldn't stop eating them. He also made the turkey and stuffing….the man can cook!

  4. Thanks for clearing up the sock thing. But not thanks for dissing brussel sprouts. They are our favorite. They are pretty cool in the garden too. Long live brussel sprouts!
    Are you tired of me posting comments yet? I have the flu so I have way too much time on my hands….

  5. I was busily "closet blogging" the other night and stumbled upon your darling blog. Wowzer! You guys are adorable! I have so much to learn from you. You're such an inspiration to me. I added your blog to my favorites… I hope you won't mind? πŸ™‚

    Can't wait to try the sock trick. It sounds super fun and my girls will LOVE trying something new! I want you to know you are an inspiration to me. I feel like spending more time with my kids because of your great example, so… THANK YOU!

  6. Can you post pics of the sock trick after said socks are removed?? I just had my first girl so I'm new to all this hair stuff after four boys!! Can't wait…grow hair, grow!!

  7. Yeah – I am so glad that you told us the Sock Secret!!! πŸ™‚ I tried it on my daughter the other day and her hair turned out beautiful!!! Can't wait to try it again for 9am church this week πŸ™‚

  8. Do you ever try sponge rollers for your daughter with the finer hair? My daughter has fine wispy hair and I don't think I could get ONE sock into her hair.. but the sponge rollers make her adorable every Sunday!
    ps. just got introduced to your blog and I love it!

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