So since Sunday for some is a day of planning and preparing for the week ahead, calendaring coming events, and creating world peace (in a perfect world), I figured I should give a heads-up about two things.

JOY SCHOOL.  Do you know how much Joy School rocks?  Do you know that I still think about Joy School even though my baby is in 4th grade and thank my lucky stars that four of my children and I had that experience?  And also that I mourn that Lucy didn’t get the whole Joy School shebang?  (She was in a special pre-school to help her a little with some therapies so she missed out…except when her sister took it upon herself to teach her a few times.)

Grace taught a few times too:
…so maybe Lu got more Joy School than I thought.
But bottom line is that I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that program is pure gold I tell you!
And it’s not too late to start your own little group.  In fact, fall rolling into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of my very favorite parts.
Just throwing it out there because whenever we start to get close to the holidays I miss Joy School like crazy.
Click HERE or HERE for more information about that.  
If you’re looking for a group, I think those links can help you get linked up.
The second thing I want to make sure is out there is that the MOM CONFERENCE is coming up on October 11-13th.  
That’s just a couple weeks away.
I talked a little bit about this back HERE when I mentioned my interview coming up on technology with my sister.
We recorded that puppy a couple weeks ago and it was so great to be able to talk through so many things so many great blog readers brought up in the comments in that post (thank you for that btw! Your comments made me think a lot about how we do things and I appreciate them all so much!)
I have more to say here about what we’ve come up with here on the blog, but that interview along with so many others will all be available for FREE when you tune in on those dates.  I am so excited to listen in, I can’t wait.  
For information on how to do that, you can register over HERE.  So head on over and check it out!
There you go!
Happy Sunday!

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