Exactly one week ago these two girls of mine went from this:

To this:
Yes, it’s true.

Not only are we in the teenage driver category again, (which ROCKS I tell you!), we are back in the brace-face category, times two!

We are in a whole new world over here!
I’ve got to admit, I was a little hesitant about getting those things on Lucy’s teeth.  She’s so sensory sensitive, but Dave pointed out that there’s no better “braces partner” to have that that big sister Claire, and he was right (always is :).  Lucy’s teeth are way more advanced than Claire’s (if you can call teeth advanced).  Claire took forever to lose her baby teeth and Lucy has been ready for ages.  
So we went for it.

You may wonder why damp swimsuits would be the choice of attire in an orthodontists office so I’ll back up and explain:

We went to the lake earlier in the day.
My brother-in-law had the cutest kid staying with him from Denmark (that’s where he served his mission and has stayed in touch with this kids’ dad over the years).  And they wanted to show him the lake.  We were the lucky ones who got to go along.

 We showed him all the tricks we know.

 (That’s our little niece Lyla up there learning to serve with hunky Uncle Dave.)

 And we had to do the Lu/Dave original:

 Elle met us after work too…oh man love having that girl home.

There was a big hole without Grace though I tell you!


 (I don’t know how to do that heart-eyed emoji on here… 🙂

 After Andreas saw all the fun he joined in too.

 …and was pretty excited about it!

Claire was mad at me in that pic up there because I drove crazy enough to plop her right off that tube.  And I explained that’s what tubes are for after all, right?

Loved this one…

 …those kids had fun I tell you!

Ok that’s a big “digress” from the braces story.

But all that fun mixed together was the recipe for scrambling to get off the lake to get to the orthodontist who we love.

So we showed up in all our soggy swimsuit glory, a little trepidation mixed in with these girls, and snuggled in to get those teeth outfitted.

 Our friend is such a great orthodontist, (his partner too…we go with them to California every year).

And it’s so cool because this friend’s daughters are learning that cool skill of putting metal on teeth, so they “got” to be the ones in charge of putting Lucy and Claire’s braces on.

 Loved watching those girls work with their Dad at their side.

They did such a great job!

Putting braces on that girl above is no walk in the park, I’ll tell you that, and Kiley did an awesome job.

So did Kinsey on Claire:

 And we walked out of there all smiles.

They look SO much older with braces, it’s so weird!
Lucy was so funny adjusting.  She carried around her little document that told her what she could and couldn’t eat clutched in her hot little hands almost all week.  
The first night when she was starting to get used to them she said, “I can’t feel my braces any more!” in alarm.  “Are they still there?”
Yep, Lucy, they sure are.  
And they’ll be there for two whole years so you better get used to them!
Both of them are doing great.  So the adventure begins.


    1. You never know what other issues they might have. Braces aren't just for cosmetic reasons. My sons teeth were straight but his bite was Way off and he was in braces for 3.5 years

    2. It's funny because they used to be super crooked, growing practically on top of each other, and as she's waited for her baby teeth to fall out they have become much less crowded. She doesn't need braces for as long as Lucy does, but sadly yes, she still needs them.

  1. We love Garn & Mason! It looks you were at the same office we visit. My twin teens just got their braces removed last month, in time to start their freshman year or HS. Hope they adjust quickly!

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